Mr. Zoubair

Mr. Zoubair Khouaja

Mr. Zoubair is a Moroccan academic researcher, with interest on politics and economic policy in MENA region. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, from University of Cadi Ayyad (Marrakech – Morocco), a Master’s degree in Local Governance, from University of Hassan 1st (Settat – Morocco), where he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. program in Policies and Management of Sovereign Debt in Morocco. Zoubair received an Erasmus + scholarship from European Union at University of Cadiz in Spain, where he worked on Debt Management in Spain. Also, he joined a fellowship granted from IDEA International and The Arabic Association for Constitutional Law, in Tunisia to work on policy papers on Security Sector and Constitution. Moreover, Zoubair has beneficed from trainings at The United Nation Institute for training and Research, MIT institute and other local and International organizations. Currently, Zoubair is a research fellow at Laboratory for Research on Compared Democratic Transition since 2015, together with that he is member/consultant in several research centers and institutions in Morocco and MENA regions.

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