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AMEPPA members get to enjoy the following benefits by joining the organization:

  1. Free membership.
  2. Free conference and symposium registration (no registration fee for members).
  3. Networking with outstanding scholars, practitioners, and students of Middle Eastern public policy and administration from around the world.
  4. Present and attend AMEPPA’s global conferences.
  5. Present and attend AMEPPA’s symposiums.
  6. Publish at AMEPPA’s peer review journal, the Middle East Review of Public Administration (MERPA).
  7. Publish at AMEPPA’s book series.
  8. Publish at peer review journals affiliated with AMEPPA, such as DOMES and The Innovation Journal.
  9. Write and engage in dialogue through AMEPPA’s blog: Al-Nafitha (the Window).
  10. Present and attend conferences affiliated with AMEPPA, such as ASPA, AAPAM, ICPA, IIAS, NASPAA, and UNPAN.
  11. Engage with policy makers to impact public policy and administration.
  12. Contribute to peace and prosperity through sound governance
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Membership is open to all those who support our goal in bringing peace and prosperity to the Middle East through sound governance. There are no membership dues or fees. If you are interested in joining us, we welcome you. To become a member, please fill out the form below: