AMEPPA’s Statement on the Terrorist Acts in Paris, France

November 20, 2015
The Association for Middle Eastern Public Policy and Administration (AMEPPA) condemns the recent acts of terror in Paris, Sinai (Egypt), and in Lebanon. These continued atrocities have spread beyond Syria, Iraq, and Libya. Their goal is to cause havoc by killing the innocent, destroying precious artifacts and landmarks, and disrupt civil society. AMEPPA summons people of conscious to stand for peace and tolerance as we mourn the victims of these tragic events together.  We are united with all victims of violence, terror, rape and torture around the world and offer our sincere condolences to their families and communities. Terrorism is a plague on humanity and it should be fought, not contained by all of us in order to end these senseless acts of hate and intolerance. Terrorists’ purpose is only to advance their political and ideological agendas through fear.  As humans, we are all interconnected; if one innocent person is hurt, then all of humanity will suffer. Therefore, policies and actions should be directed toward peace and building a serene and cooperative global community. Policies that are pursued for narrow self-interest at the expense of others or regard the innocent as mere collateral damage must be exposed and replaced with policies that serve humanity’s interest as their core.  Therefore, we condemn not only violent acts by terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda, but also the regime-changing acts that destroy states structures and capacities. The growing terrorist activity that destroys life, communities, and nations by proliferating terror must stop and all terrorist groups must be annihilated along with their supporting networks. Political leaders that support terrorism in any shape or form, private individuals that fund terrorism, and religious clergies that promote the ideology of hate and violence must all be brought to justice and charged with crimes against humanity. Let us make terrorism and its ugly face a thing of the past and never, ever allow it once again creep up again in the human community.   

AMEPPA’s Statement on Terrorism

May 1, 2015
The Association for Middle Eastern Public Policy and Administration (AMEPPA) is a scholarly and professional network that is comprised of nonpartisan and nonsectarian members. AMEPPA is dedicated to promoting peace and prosperity in the Middle East and across the globe through sound governance.
The recent increase of violence and counter violence has compelled AMEPPA to issue a statement against all forms of terrorism. These acts are a manifestation of deeper structural problems that have been persistent without open dialogue to address the core issues. A peaceful society requires all governments to implement public policy initiatives through, good governance and social inclusion of all minorities and people of all faiths. AMEPPA urges governments to apply rigorous and ethical measures through public policy as a means to encourage dialogue and promote civil society. 
AMEPPA is a community of academics and practitioners; our objectives are to respect human dignity and defend human rights, therefore we are against all forms of violence, hatred, and misrepresentation of any faith by any group of people. We condemn all acts of violence committed by organizations and governments against innocent civilians, places of worship, learning institutions, historical and archaeological sites, and any forms of collective punishment.
AMEPPA scholars collectively appeal for a new discourse in effectively addressing all of forms of violence by state or non-state representatives. AMEPPA’s petition is adopted in the following principles:
  1. A plea to governments and organizations to solve their differences at the negotiation table, not on the battlefield; and for non-interference in the affairs of other sovereign nations.
  2. A call on governments of the Middle East and North Africa to adhere to the rules of law, social justice, end of government’s oppression, respect for human rights, and a free and fair democratic process.
  3. A request on governments to embrace minority faiths in their countries, and eliminate all forms of discrimination and stereotypes.
  4. Appeal to governments and groups to refrain from funding, arming, or initiating terrorists as a means to promote their national or sectarian interests.
  5. Economic, political, and social reforms are effective means to bring peace to nations and bridge governance with citizens, especially when the seeds of discontent among people are due to political corruption, poor  education, poverty, lack of employment, and opportunities to live up to one’s own potential.
  6. Due to an increasing amount of violence being committed in the name of religion, we urge the intellectuals and theologians to reflect on the communal values of co-existence, social inclusion, fairness and equality as principle to enshrine all faiths.
 Sound governance can only be established through mutual respect, unbiased actions, and honest discussion. Incorporating these measures will advance peace and prosperity for all citizens.
Annual Report, Iraqi Association for Public Policy and Administration (IAPPA), 2014:
IAPPA annual report 014