Code of Ethics

AMEPPA is NOT intending to regulate behavior,

but rather to inspire the following: 

I. Serving the Public Interest:

  1. Respond to citizens truthfully.
  2. Maintain transparency and help the citizens in dealing with government
  3. Promote the public interest.
  4. Resist favoritism and harassment.
  5. Apply care and justice in dealings with citizens and colleagues.

II. Displaying Personal Integrity:

  1. Take responsibility for your behavior, including any wrongdoings.
  2. Perform your duties without bias.
  3. Uphold truthfulness.
  4. Protect against conflict of interest.
  5. Recognize others for their work.
  6. Respect your colleagues.
  7. Refrain from using your position for personal gain wherever this would violate ethical standards.

III. Promoting Ethical Institutions:

  1. Hold yourself accountable for your action.
  2. Support accountability through proper measures.
  3. Devote your work to the public good.
  4. Augment aptitude for authentic communication, innovation, and devotion.
  5. Institute measures that encourage ethical conduct.
  6. Protect against retaliation.
  7. Protect against arbitrary and nontransparent conduct.
  8. Uphold merit-based system of values.

IV. Motivating Professional Competence:

  1. 1. Foster connection between academia and the practice of public service.
  2. Encourage excellence.
  3. Remain current on public policy and administration issues.
  4. Support others in joining professional activities.

V. Upholding Academic Freedom and Standards:

  1. Encourage the highest ethical standards among students, including academic integrity.
  2. Model academic and professional ethical standards in all research, teaching, and academic service activities.
  3. Promote free and open exchange of views on the basis of responsibility and respect for others’ opinions and beliefs.
  4. Oppose discrimination in all its forms within academia.
  5. Build a culture of public service engaging students and faculty and encouraging lifelong public service.
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