2017 Conference Program


Sunday, December 17, 2016
8:00                             Pick up at Ibis Sharq Hotel-Kuwait City
08:30 – 09:00             Conference Registration  
09:00 – 10:00             Welcome and Opening Session
                                     MC Dr. Gedeon Mudacumura, Professor of Public Administration,                                          Cheney University, USA
                                    Dr. Meshari Al-Hajri, Conference Chair and Dean of the College of                                            Business Administration, Kuwait University
                                    Dr. Alexander Dawoody, President and Founder of AMEPPA, Director                                      of the Master of Public       Administration, Marywood University, USA
                                    Keynote Speaker: Mr. Mohammed Hamad Al-Roomi, Undersecretary                                      of Civil Service Commission, The State of Kuwait “Reforming the                                              Kuwaiti Civil Service System: Challenges and Opportunities”
10:30- 11:30             Panel 1: Public Administration in the Middle East: What is Working                                         and What is Not?
                                   Moderator/ Discussant: Dr. Mohammad Awad, Al-Quds University,                                           Palestine
                                  Economic Policy Challenge in Kuwait
                                  Dr. M. Arif Al- Mahmood, Kuwait Public Policy Centre (KPPC), GSSCPD                                    and UNDP, Kuwait
                                  Economic Reform and Structural Adjustment Program (ERSAP) &                                            Privatization
                                  Dr. Mohammad Sharif, American University-Cairo, Egypt
                                  Presented by Dr. Ahmed Alaa Fayed, Doha Institute for Graduate                                              Studies, Qatar
11:00- 131:00         Panel 2: Evidence-Based Research and Public Administration in the                                         Middle East
                                 Moderator/ Discussant: Dr. Nasreen Naser, University of Drexel
                                 Military Expenditure and National Resource Rent in the Middle                                               East and North Africa: A Long Run Perspective
                                 Dr. Hamid Ali, American University-Cairo, Egypt
                                 Knowledge-Based Economy Transformation: A GCC                                                                     Converging Strategy Need
                                 Dr. Haytham Abduljawad, Creighton University, USA
                                 Evidence-based research on Critical Thinking in Political Science                                             Higher Education in Egypt
                                 Video presentation by Dr. Yasmin Khodary, The British University in                                       Egypt
13:00- 14:00            Lunch Break
14:00- 16:-00           Panel 3: Transforming Public Administration in the Middle East to the                                   21st Century: A Learning Curve
                                 Panel Moderator/ Discussant: Dr. Gedeon Mudacumura, Cheney                                               University, USA
                                Public Administration in Education Reforms in Middle East
                                Dr. Qasem Newashi, General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for                                        Planning and Development Kuwait City, Kuwait
                                The Role of Internet of Things (IoT) for Developing Smart Governance                                    in the MENA Countries
                                Dr. Shahjahan Bhuiyan, American University-Cairo, Egypt
                               Impacts of Globalization on Health and Inevitability to Reform Health                                   System and Policy: A Kuwait Case Study
                               Dr. Sungsoo Chun, Kuwait Public Policy Center, Kuwait and Sahmyook                                   University, South Korea
                              Exploring Strategic Approaches to Fighting International Corruption
                              Dr. Gedeon Mudacumura, Cheney University, USA
16:00                    Return to Ibis-Sharq Hotel-Kuwait City
20:00                    Dinner at Borj Al-Kuwait 

Monday, December 18, 2017
08:00                     Pick up at Ibis-Sharq Hotel-Kuwait City
08:30-09:00          Registration
09:00-10:00          Opening Session  
                               MC Dr. Gedeon Mudacumura, Cheney University, USA
                               Dr. Hamid Ali, President-Elect, AMEPPA and Chair of the Department of                                 Public Administration, American University-Cairo, Egypt
                               Keynote Speaker: Dr. Khaled Mahdi, Secretary-General of the Supreme                                   Council for Planning and Development, The State of Kuwait
10:00- 11:30         “Planning the Process of Transition to a Knowledge-Based Economy”                                                                                                                                                              
11:30- 13:00       Panel 5: Coordination, Access and Transparency versus Efficiency and                                  Effectiveness
                            Panel Moderator/ Discussant: Dr. Shahjahan Bhuiyan, American                                              University-Cairo, Egypt
                            Can Accounting Regimes Really Protect the Public Interest?
                            Dr. Saeed Askary, Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST),                                      Kuwait
                          How do Egyptians See Private Tutoring: Corruption or Norm?
                           Dr. Ahmed Alaa Fayed, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, Qatar
                          One Path or Different Paths? Transparency, Participation and                                                    Accountability versus Efficiency and Effectiveness
                          Video presentation by Dr. Yasmin Khodary, The British University in Egypt
13:00-14:00      Lunch Break
14:00- 16:00                                                                                                                                                                          
16:00- 17:00       Closing Session: A Forward Vision
                             MC Dr. Gedeon Mudacumura, Cheney University, USA
                             Dr. Hamid Ali, President-Elect of AMEPPA
                             Dr. Mohammad Awad, Vice President-Elect of AMEPPA
17:30                   Tour of Sooq, Kuwait City       
21:00                   Return to Ibis-Sharq Hotel
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