2016 Conference Agenda

Saturday, December 3, 2016
09:00 – 10:00 Conference Registration
Location: Faculty of Engineering Amphitheatre
10:00 – 10:50 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Location: Faculty of Engineering Amphitheatre
– Dr. Moh’d Awad, Conference Chair
– Prof. Imad Abu Kishek, President of Al-Quds University
– Mr. Marchal Wijnand, First Secretary for Economical Affairs at Netherlands
Representative Office to the Palestinian Authority
– President and Founder of AMEPPA
– Eng. Foad Abo Saif, General Director of UAWC
11:00 – 13:00 Session 1: NGOs in Palestine
Location: Faculty of Engineering Amphitheater
*Men Perceptions toward Support and Women Economic Empowerment Projects Implemented by International
NGOs. Case Study: World-Vision International Initiative in South Bethlehem Area.
By: Dima Awad – Bethlehem University
*Palestinian State: International Legal and Political Issues
By: Vadim Atnashev – PhD, Professor at the Department of International & Humanitarian Law, North
West Institute of Management, The Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, St.
Petersburg, Russia
*Assessing the Possibility of Implementing the Requirement of Quality Management System According to
ISO 9001:2008 in Non-Governmental Institutions. Case study: Public Palestinian Universities in West Bank.
By: Loda Mustafa – Hebron University
*Factors Influencing Employees’ Performance at Charitable Organizations in Palestine.
By: Dr. Moh’d Jabari and Ayman Abo Omar – Hebron University
* The Contribution of the Palestinian Labor Force to the productivity of the Israeli Economy.
By: Wisam Samarah – Al-Quds Open University – Palestine, and A. F. M. Ataur Rahman – North South
University, Dhaka – Bangladesh
13:00- 13:45 Lunch and Keynote Address
13:45-15:00 Session 2: Performance, Effectiveness and Food Sovereignty
Location: Faculty of Engineering Amphitheatre
Panel Moderator: Dr. Vadim Atnashev
*The Effectiveness of Performance Appraisal in the International Organizations in West Bank: A Tool for
Employee Development & Motivation.
By: Hiba Mohammad – Hebron University
*Palestinian Local Seed Bank Study for Morphological Features and Yield of Some Wheat Genotypes Grown
in Palestine.
By: Do’a Zayed and Sayel Atawneh –UAWC, Hebron.
* Remaining Relevant Professional Associations in the West Bank
By: Mathew Timmerman- American University, and Ziad Darwish – Huron College
15:00- 15:15 Break
15:15- 16:45 Session 3: Institution, Leadership, IT and Security
Location: Faculty of Engineering Amphitheatre
Panel Moderator: Dr. Omar Rahal
(Papers and presentations are in Arabic)
* The Palestinian Institution: Challenges of Reconstruction and its Impact on the National Proposal.
By: Dr. Raed Nierat, Palestine National Success University
* Types of Palestinian Leadership after the Construction of the Palestinian Authority and its Impact on the National Proposal.
By: Ms. Susan Jamal Al-Shiekh Ahmad
* The Role of Using Administrative Science in Supporting Sound Governance in the Public Sector.
By: Mr. Ibrahim Edwan, Al-Quds University
*. The Migration of Palestinian Youth and its Impact on National Identity in Gaza.
By: Dr. Hussam Al-Din Hassan Attya Hamdona
* Public Attention to Palestinian Security.
By: Mr. Anwar Nassar, Mr. Abdulla Habaneen, Ms. Nada Awad, and Ms. Nagham Shakhsheer, Al-Najah University
Sunday, December 4, 2016
10:00- 11:30 Session 1: Funding, Taxation, and Civic Society
Location: Faculty of Engineering Amphitheatre
Panel Moderator: Dr. Azmi Al-Atrash
(Papers and presentations are in Arabic)
* The Role of Funds in Selecting Project Goals in Bethlehem and Galilee.
By: Mr. Ayman Al-Harbawi, Al-Khaleel University
* Operationalizing Taxation Policy as a Prelude for Solvent Monetary of the Palestinian Treasury.
By: Dr. Jameel Al-Najaar, Al-Quds Open University
* The Role of Civic Society in Supporting Civic Education for the Youth in Gaza.
By: Dr. Zaki Ramzi, Al-Quds Open University
* Ethical Practices by Leadership and its Impact on Promotion in Palestinian Universities.
By: Dr. Nidhal Hamdan Al-Misri, Al-Quds Open University-Gaza
11:30- 11:45 Break
11:45- 12:45 Session 2: Women Issues, Child Welfare, and Health Service
Location: Faculty of Engineering Amphitheatre
Panel Moderator: Mr. Riad Arar
(Papers and presentations are in Arabic)
* Challenges Facing Palestinian Women in Agriculture.
By: Mr. Omar Tabakhna, Abi Alabodi, and Dr. Moh’d Awad
* Child Protection Means and Legal Challenges.
By: Attorney Amer Al-Juneedi, International Movement for Child Protection-Palestine Branch
* Job Satisfaction and its Impact on Healthcare in the Public Sector.
By: Ms. Widad Mousa, Bethlehem University
12:45- 13:45 Break 
14:00- 15:30 Session 3: Education and Risk Management
Location: Faculty of Engineering Amphitheatre
Panel Moderator: Dr. Yosef Abu Mariah
(Papers and presentations are in Arabic)
* The Impact of Educational Leadership on Education.
By: Mr. Samir Daana, Bethlehem University
* Administrative Systems in Palestine Polytechnic University.
By: M. Shadi Adwana, Palestine Polytechnic University
* Risk Management in Palestine.
By: Mr. Monther Saad, Bethlehem University
15:30- 16:30 Closing Session – General Discussion Forum
Location: Faculty of Engineering Amphitheatre
Dr. Amnah Badran and Dr. Azmi Al-Atrash
The State of the Middle East: Domestic, Regional and International Issues Challenges of Terrorism,
Sectarian Violence, Corruption, Wars, Migration and Refugees, and the Rise of Right-Wing Political Forces.
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