2014 Symposium



St. Petersburg, Russia


Minority Rights and the Role of Public Administration in the Middle East  

Hosted by the St. Petersburg State Technical University, Russia 

The Association for Middle Eastern Public Policy and Administration (AMEPPA) is pleased to announce its first global symposium to be hosted by St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russian on September 19 and 20, 2014. We are asking scholars both in the Middle East and around the world to participate in this important inaugural symposium and be part of a scholarly movement dedicated to public policy and civil society in different countries of the Middle East.   Scholars are encouraged to submit their proposals in English to the conference chair, Dr. Vadim Atnashev at AMEPPA-SPb@hotmail.com no later than August 10, 2014. Please limit your abstracts to no more than 500 words. Individual paper proposals should be approximately one page, identify a recommended symposium track, and include the title of the paper, a description of the paper and the underlying research, and the names, institutional affiliations, and contact information of the authors.

Minority Rights and the Role of Public Administration in the Middle East

The process of globalization has brought about great changes in all regions of the world, almost in all countries. The consequence of globalization had positive and negative impacts on ethnic, religious, and migrating communities in the Middle East, creating tensions, intolerance, mistrust, ultra-nationalism, and conflict. The symposium encourages scholars to discuss any of the following sub-themes while addressing minority rights and the role of public administration in the Middle East:
  • The role of public policy and administration institution in maintaining social stability
  • Ethnic, religious, and other minority groups’ rights in today’s society
  • Issues of access and empowerment by minority groups
  • Integration, assimilation, and self-determination
  • Resolving the issues of Diasporas.

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