Article V: Amendments

Section 1: Approval Vote
Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed by any Executive Board member and must first be voted upon by the Executive Board. Any amendment receiving positive Board votes from six members of the Executive Board shall be presented to the full membership for ratification at the next annual meeting. These votes must be recorded electronically and all other means available and kept by the Executive director and made available to AMEPPA members when requested.

Section 2:Proposed Amendment

Upon approval by the Executive Board, the proposed amendments must be presented to the membership for approval.  The vote on amendments shall be taken in accordance with Article II, Section 4.
Section 3: Publication
The exact language of any bylaw amendment adopted by the membership will be published at the website of AMEPPA and made available to AMEPPA members within seven days of adoption by the membership.
Section 4: Comprehensive Reviews
At least once every five years, the President shall direct a comprehensive review of the bylaws and recommend any desired changes.  This section shall in no way prevent the Executive Board from reviewing and/or amending the bylaws at other intervals in the discretion of the Executive Board.