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Keygenned By Chupachu

I finished keygening a long time ago, I’ll try to upload the solution . ChupaChu 07. Nov 2007, I’m not really into VB, but there seems to be something. VK: I don’t know what is there. Maybe you could write it? ChupaChu November 08, 2007, You can open a document in VB for MS Word and Word will show everything in it. VK: Is it possible to make a drawing there, for example? ChupaChu November 09, 2007 No, it won’t. VK: Then maybe you could do it? ChupaChu November 10, 2007 Actually, it’s very difficult. VK: Well, you can help me. Come up with something like this… ChupaChu November 11, 2007, OK. B.