Zero G Nostalgia Serial Number !!HOT!! 🠊

Zero G Nostalgia Serial Number !!HOT!! 🠊

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Zero G Nostalgia Serial Number

i spent a few days playing with nostalgia, and finally finished up my track. i must say that i am really impressed with the quality of the sounds, they really add a lot to the feel of the track, and make the whole thing much more unique.. theres quite a bit of content here, and im sure theres a lot more to be added in the future. if you are a producer looking for vintage sounds to add to your library, then youd be hard pressed to find a better one than this. i really hope you enjoy it as much as i do, and keep up to date with theres added, and updates to the library.

i have an older singer featherweight (s-2840) that i found at a garage sale. the tag on the machine says the serial number is ag255440. i’m not sure how to verify this, but the machine is a 99k (model 1520), so i assume it is the correct machine. the machine doesn’t have the feed dogs and the needle is bent, not sure if this will affect its ability to sew. the machine is in excellent working order.

i have a singer featherweight (s-2840) sewing machine. it came with the original case, needle, and other sewing items. it has been in my family for many years and is in good condition. i would like to know the exact serial number of the machine.

any model 325 has a serial number. i have the #773245966 and can fax it to you if you like.
i can also email it to you if you like, just use the “forward” button on your fax machine and put the number in the space provided in the fax header.

hello all! i have been on several sites but cannot seem to find my numbers in the range that make sense. the serial number on the bottom of the machine is k7326351. the k ranges i have seen only go to 1260800, and indicate a 1904 date which i am not sure about. it is a 99k, and the plate on the front says eh958178and while the bottom specifically indicates that k7326351 is the serial number, when i look up the eh number, it does make sense, and in two places suggests a 1953 date. should i assume the eh number on the front is the serial number, despite the clear numbers on the bottom

i first heard the word “nostalgia” when my family and i visited the edwardian theme park, knott’s berry farm. they had these chirping birds which sang the old songs i associated with those victorian era era machines. then i discovered that there was a similar machine which i had never heard of. it was called a “nostalgia” machine. well, i had always wanted to own one. now i can.
i’ve been a fan of classic synth sounds for over 30 years. i’ve been wanting to have some nostalgia to play with, and finally got around to getting one. nostalgia is a great synth with an enormous selection of samples and easy to navigate patches. it’s a must have synth, and i’ve already got a few ideas for it. i highly recommend it.
i bought this as soon as i could after purchasing the rossini ios. i bought it because of the production value and the quality of the sounds. it was worth it, as nostalgia was a great synth and i used it a lot. i also used it a lot on the rossini.
i’m trying to find out the serial number of my vintage monophonic patch-able mixer (mlp1-50), the only part i can find is the chassis number, it’s something like s235227629. i’d like to know if anyone has any idea where to find the serial number on the mixer itself, or if it’s possible to find the serial number of a mixer with a serial number in the chassis. i’ve searched the internet for weeks but to no avail. it’s a very rare find and it’s not in the best of condition. i’d really like to know if it’s possible to find the serial number of a mixer, i’ve found people selling the parts by them selves and asking for ridiculous prices. i’ve found a mixer that looks like it might be my mixer but it’s much newer and on ebay and asking $9,000 and i don’t want to pay that, especially for a mixer that might be broken or missing some parts that i have no way of finding out where they are. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.