Shelter 2 Free Offline [BETTER] 💽

Shelter 2 Free Offline [BETTER] 💽


Shelter 2 Free Offline

With a strong story of a thousand years worth of history and gameplay that ranges from turn-based strategy to platforming, Cardboard s Cards Dungeon GameBox gives the MMO gaming fan a chance to experience the golden age of role-playing games. Meanwhile, the free and easy version of Dungeon Digger shares the same theme as the name.

It takes you through the exciting and captivating world of exploration where you can find colorful and legendary items to progress. If youre a fan of the strong character development and classic game experience of the old Final Fantasy games, look into this creative title.

Price: $4.99

Get Dungeon Digger 28. Angry Birds

One of the many reasons Angry Birds was such a hit on mobile devices was because you didnt have to be connected to the Internet to play it. You can play offline or online, as you wish, on a variety of devices.

Angry Birds on the iPad offers the same laid-back yet fast gameplay that its predecessor Angry Birds had. But this time, you can also play with up to three other friends locally through on-device multiplayer. If you ever played Angry Birds, this is the one for you.

Price: $4.99

Get Angry Birds 29. Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy is a game that makes its history simple on its surface. It s a game that tasks you with killing your ancestors to escape a dungeon, but the twist is that the journey you take as your legacy heir is unknown. If youre anything like us, youll find yourself having your favorite relatives dying to death in the dungeons during this game. This idiotic game on iPad has you play as the next in line of the royal family during a time of danger. A mix of genres Roguelike, RPG and platformer, the game really is a blast.

This free and easy game from Robotoki comes with a simple story and a dynamic battle system. Rogue Legacy has players exterminate their ancestors and fight to reclaim the royal title from the cruel elder. It turns out, the evil ancestors we kill will be born as stronger ancestors that can make our task harder.

Price: Free

Get Rogue Legacy 30. Bejeweled Blitz Trio

Bejeweled Blitz Trio is like the older version of Bejeweled Blitz that can be played online. But this time, you get to play it offline on the iPad to help while away the time in class. With the same easy to play and addicting gameplay, this version is better than its predecessor in a number of ways. Bejeweled Blitz Trio brings the challenge of trying to fit the numbers on the board, but without the distraction of online play.

It feels like a new game for you to play because Bejeweled Blitz Trio makes all the flashiness of Bejeweled on the iPad free.

No app list would be complete without Monster Hunter. The game is known for being one of the longest running games to be on the App Store and has had a lot of updates to ensure it looks good and serves as a fantastic app for the iPad. Similar to the game titles mentioned, Monster Hunter lets you craft the perfect weapon for an onslaught. Hunting beasts is what the game is all about. Monster Hunter is what im talking about folks. Its a great offline app that you can play without an Internet connection and even pair up with a friend to play in local or multiplayer co-op. The game has you play a hunter which travels across the world to hunt ferocious beasts. You need to discover their scent, train a team of hunters, and fight back with the best weapon for the job. Pair that up with beautiful graphics and you have a feast for the eyes. Just be sure to have a Monster Hunter-passionated people around to play against so you dont starve out. Price: $0.99 Get Monster Hunter 9. Monument Valley 2 Monument Valley has a magnificent 2D puzzle game that is a cross between Monument Valley and Snipperclips, which are equally phenomenal puzzle games on the App Store. In Monument Valley 2, you have been tasked to build a castle for your friend to live in but its not that easy. This offline game is a spot-the-difference puzzle game with gorgeous graphics and animation. Not to mention, its filled with surreal puzzles that can puzzle anyone. So in your own words, this puzzle game is a must-have. Price: $4.99 Get Monument Valley 2