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Shaandaar In Hindi 720p BETTER

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Shaandaar In Hindi 720p

so i rang the hotel in leeds, and a friendly lady answered the phone. i told her that i was doing an article about bollywood for empire magazine, and that i was writing about the shaandaar film crew in leeds. she said that one of the crew members was out of town, but that she would try and track him down, and she did. he came back on the phone and agreed to meet me. we met at a hotel in leeds.

karan johar, who has appeared in two of the movie, lets his performance veer between breezy goofiness and his trademark zaniness. but his best moments in shaandaar are reserved for the fleeting moments when we see him as a father. the scene where he breaks into song in the midst of a raucous wedding reception has a huge chuckle on the way to it. the way he calls the bride, vaani (priyanka chopra), his girlfriend has the kind of over-the-top affection that irritates other dads. and the time when he is literally spoon-feeding his daughter, kareena (kareena kapoor) her first meal, is pretty much the same thing as his character saying, i cant get over how much i love you.

weve seen shahid this way before. in 2008, his character mahavir in kuch kuch hota hai was a wannabe actor who couldnt take rejection. in 2009, he played an unqualified but well-meaning assistant in omkara. in 2011, he played the ill-equipped son of a sadistic military officer in jodha akbar. shahids character seems to have evolved from there. we get to see how well he handles rejection in shaandaar, how well he can play a fool, but he still gets rejected at the end.

the production values are almost dismal. the cinematography is very ordinary. the music is average. the editing is slow. the acting is empty. the comedy is a big fail. the writing is not competent. the story is unoriginal. the direction and the screenplay are quite basic. even the acting is not worthy of a film that costs this much. the film is not shaandaar, its a total waste of time. if it was made at rs. 6 lakhs, then it should have been made for that. even if it were made at rs. 2 lakhs, it would have been a better film.

the crew of shaandaar had to overcome many problems during the production of the film. the first hurdle was that the surrounding areas of york minster were very congested. this forced the team to cut down the amount of shooting of the movie and to move from one location to another.
if the first half of shaandaar is not fresh, it is definitely unique. what we get is an edgy and moody tale about a young girl and a young man who believe in their own dreams. the first 40 minutes of shaandaar is a rollercoaster ride that finds the chemistry between alia and shahid in a very raw form, and makes for a delightfully refreshing watch. the scenes between alia and abhishek chaubey were the most organic and natural.
however, the animation sequences at the end of shaandaar act like a spoilsport. you wonder whether it was a conscious decision to provide a warm finale to the movie or whether it was a fail in execution. the dance number is a tad too ambitious and the visuals a tad cheesy. the result is an overstuffed shaandaar.
after a half-hour of slow going, shaandaar finds its pace and starts a rollicking ride. in the initial phase of the story, we see alia bhatt being pitted against a grey-bearded composer who is flaunting his sexuality. his mannerisms come across as intrusive, and alia doesn’t like it. as the story progresses, alia takes up a position where she is the pivot of the entire show. the story is about her choices as she decides to move on from a relationship gone bad.
there is a very good ensemble cast in shaandaar. the script makes room for some great performances. kapoor gives a proper villainous performance. the chemistry between the two leads is exactly as you would expect from a new pairing. sujoy ghosh’s presence is limited, but he fits in the look of the film. even with the lack of chemistry, the character of abhishek chaubey is given full expression. shaandaar has a strong premise and an excellent cast. it’s a well-woven story with a strong narrative. the only letdown is that the ending is a little too predictable.