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the crack plan was created, says dagnaud, in response to problems that were already becoming evident. but the important thing is that we have been able to take the time to act with respect to the problem and its victims.

it has been some time since paris last experienced the serious crack epidemic that shook other parts of the country in the mid-90s. the city today is a different place, says dagnaud. in the past, huge amounts of crack were sold in the street. today, the numbers are very low. but this is not the case everywhere, as you can see from the report. in certain areas, for example, there are an increasing number of people who use crack. we know the reason: the violence. people are scared to go outside.

the police have been very active in the last few years, and the numbers of people arrested and charged have increased. but we are still witnessing a worrying increase in crack use, particularly among young people. we need to do more, says the mayor.

the mayor is not talking about all the people who use crack. he knows that for every user there are a lot of people who do not use it, and are not involved in crime. the crack plan is not about clamping down on people who use drugs, but about fighting the illegal trafficking of the drugs. and the good news is that this policy of a strategic approach to drug problems is working.

the crack plan is a landmark policy that will work long-term. its the first time that all of these public powers have recognised this is an enormous problem, he says. has it made the problem disappear evidently not. its not a silver bullet. to sustainably improve the problem, we need a double chain both police to stop the trafficking, and medico-social help in parallel.

inserm has, meanwhile, received more than two dozen complaints from users of crack in the capital who say they have been refused access to healthcare or treatment. jauffret-roustide says that they have been victims of a process of hospitalisation, denial of care and incarceration.
the observatory for drugs and drug addiction says that as well as this, it has received many complaints from users who are concerned that local drug policy is condoning illegal street dealers, and that it is involved in a significant number of police interventions, which have included the eviction of households where users of crack live and where the police have found drugs.
but the current rhetoric is not helpful. the government is using the fact that the market is still around to justify that they are still carrying out crackdowns and raids. it has to be said that in the last 30 years, no one has been able to do anything about the market. the market is a force of nature. if the authorities want to be effective, they should not react to the market, but shape the market.
charonnes officers patrol the neighborhood regularly. they are also on call 24 hours a day, every day. when he is not on patrol, charonnes drives the old van around town, offering free crack pipes and gauze to the homeless and impoverished. when its not a busy night, he sleeps in the back.
the operation of the jardin dole has had a peculiar effect on its clients, says charonnes. the addicts regularly arrive with the same groups of friends, which makes them much easier to spot and avoid. in the past, he says, people would fight for a crack pipe, but now they share, especially if the guys who got the pipe left their stash for them. if the police had no other option but to close the park, he says, they would have had to take some kind of action to stop the problem.