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Matlab 7.6.0 R2008a Crack Free Download

hey everyone, im currently about to start my project on the automatic object detection program using matlab.. so i would like to ask if using the matlab for this project is really useful.. im currently do my project in java for university so im really confused if to use matlab or not.. pls help.. i will really appreciate to hear your advice..

Hi i want to learn matlab and i’ll definitely need help.. ive used matlab in university but i did not pay attention to its programing commands that’s why i need your help..please give me your opinion on this..thanks in advance..

I have code in matlab for a program that will compute the arithmetic mean of the parameters of several frames. I have attached the code that I’ve written in matlab. I need help understanding the calculations.
I need help understanding which equations I need to use for coding a simplified gradient for the error function of a sigmoid function. Also,
I need help with the “If I want to minimize a cost function with fmincon I get the error ‘Error using’matlabsearch’ for system array. Invalid reference to function’matlabsearch’.’
A I and B are as input parameters.

Hi, im working on a project for a minishark,the problem im having now is that all the image data i want to analyse is stored in one large array,i tried different methods but get the same result,the data can be divided into smaller arrays for easier analysis,im using matlab and need advice on how to further the goal of easily analysing the data(which ideally could be split into small arrays for easier analysis). thanks

hello, I’m trying to find some good code examples for my final project and I have come across some functions in the Image Processing toolbox such as surf, imwhisker, and canny etc, I am wondering if anyone knows how to modify these functions to work with a video streamed through Matlab. Also, I was wondering if anyone knew of any tutorials that could be pointed in a direction. I have tried google searches but no luck yet.
Hi guys, I have a project to demonstrate the quality of the webcam photos using a dtect camera with the following features:- *640 x 480 digital camera *digital color video camera *built in microphone *built in GPRS connectivity *a USB interface for connecting to a PC For this project, I was thinking of using the webcam in my laptop to take images for quality testing of the photos. This can be done by putting the camera on the top of the laptop with the bottom of the screen as the image was taken directly onto the laptop LCD screen. This is easy to achieve with the two RS232 ports provided on the laptop and using the Matlab’s serial commucations program to connect the two together. The code for this is given below.
Can you please tell me the differences of each methods that you have mentioned above. (1) imwrite(filename);(2) imwrite(filename,1:500);(3) imwrite(filename,1:500,’DisplayWindow’=0);(4) imwrite(filename);(5) imwrite(filename);(6)imwrite(filename,’DisplayWindow’=0);(7)imwrite(filename,’DisplayWindow’,0);(8)"clc;graphics"; import -window new demo.{COCOA,MIME,NETWORK,PIXMAP,PROCESS,WINDOW}; Please help me imwrite(demo.{COCOA,MIME,NETWORK,PIXMAP,PROCESS,WINDOW},’filetype’,"D:\EXAMPLE","-window","new"); Please help me Alfred I created a matlab GUI and i want to press a button to display an image in the openCV Window.So i used the command: h = gui(0); but when i press this button the following error pops up: Unable to read file USER-NAME-PC:. error: Could not open ‘USER-NAME-PC:. ‘ for writing Im working on Haeom Lee’s book.. It’s a small program to detect whether there are any faces in an image or not.. It works great but i want to display the image in the openCV window, instead of displaying it in the main GUI window. Also i want to create different thumbnails of different sizes. Please help me.. Thanks Haeom Lee