Cyanogenmod 9 For Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310F !EXCLUSIVE!

Cyanogenmod 9 For Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310F !EXCLUSIVE!

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Cyanogenmod 9 For Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310F

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cyanogenmod is based on the android open source project with extra contributions from many people within the android community. it can be used without any need to have any google application installed.

what we can announce now is, our first cyanogenmod 9 nightly build to be release in a few weeks. this build will be available for aosp and rom platforms, such as android studio , genymotion , or android studio . after that, aosp will be on cyanogenmod website for download, and rom will be the pre-announced supported nightly for the device. official rom will be available later.

your phone does not have a microsd card slot? no worries, but know that your phone is not a replacement for a tablet, and that there are cost advantages to carrying a tablet over your phone. there are third-party app stores that contain most of the apps you can find, and more. app developers tend to also supply more complete packages, and expect you to use a tablet, however. still, if you have a spare slot, you can just buy a second microsd card for extra storage.

the repartition, and associated changes, are mostly reversible. you should be able to use it to dual boot android and windows, if you desire. there are some kinks, though, so be prepared for a more complex process than many.

for security, the os is not as secure as a ‘full’ android, and you should not expect to be able to backup all your apps to the market. there is the option to backup your apps to google’s play store, but it is not nearly as comprehensive as having direct access to the application.

i also thought that the latest cm releases are pretty mature in terms of stability and feature set so that i’d try it out before installing anything else. fortunately, i found that samsung has released official firmware for the phone, so i was able to just flash it from there.
the first stage involves flashing the official cm9 rom on the samsung galaxy a3 2016 sm-a310f using the odin recovery tool from the samsung website. following the instructions on xda developer , the process involved downloading the latest official cm9 firmware (i747ucdlk3_i747attdlk3_i747ucdlk3_home.tar.md5) from sammobile , which is available under a creative commons license. then download the latest firmware version from samsung mobile as well, which is available under a non-free license.
next you have to flash the samsung odin tool. if you are on windows, the download is pretty straight forward. if you are on linux, you will need to install the odin tool, the odin version 2.0 for ubuntu 16.04 will work fine for you. to get the latest, you can use the link on the filehippo page for odin version 2.0.
after all the steps in the instruction are followed and odin has been installed, the cm9 firmware will be installed on your android device. you can check the progress of the flash by pressing the startbutton in the odin tool and the checkbutton. i first tried flashing the firmware on my computer and once it was done i used the cable that came with it to transfer the rom to my device and flashed it through odin. on some devices, such as mine, the fastboot and afinfo tools are already installed with the firmware so you can use them to verify the rom and the size of the rom file. you can then use the wipe cache option in twrp to remove the factory / stock rom and its settings and the reboot and install the cm9 rom.