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today i will share with you the two best time-lapse videos i captured on my road trip between new york and vermont. one day in a long drive could never do justice to the beauty of these places but when combined into one video, they do. this first video of the day, took place on a highway near new york city, just south of the queens midtown tunnel. the sun had just risen over the atlantic and the trees in the distance had yet to be lit by the sun. i had no tripod or monopod as i was driving down from toronto and no clue when i would stop to capture stills. these types of road trips are part of the reason im been picky about smartphones as a camera. i wish i was a better driver. when im driving, i would love to be able to tilt the screen down to look at the view.

nikon superview cases for d610, d810, d750 and d750s. while the cases are only available in black, you can still see that they match the camera and come with a protective travel lens. so while they arent the greatest for street photography, theyll be perfect for when i travel with the d750. the d750 doesnt have a flip-up screen, but the sd cards is small enough to fit in there. it doesnt make a big difference, though, as the whole thing is already protecting my camera. as a bonus, the built-in eye-fi works perfectly with the d750 when coupled with the case. ive been using the d750 for over a year now, and im still not sick of it.

the mini prints were great, and that alone made the trip worthwhile. the only blip was at a gas station bathroom with no water and no mirror. in that case, i ended up having to use a lens-distortion trick to use the restroom.

i was going to go to fullframe for my first dslr and will be moving up soon to an mft camera. i was going to buy a pro lens for it, but i’m hoping to make most of my edits in lr and ship them back to my shooter. in a practical sense, this program is a fantastic format changer. it gets out of the way and lets you focus on the art of photography. it has all the tools you need. i’m a beginner, so i’ll probably spend some time to catch on to the program. i hope this helps, and i’m happy i took the time to read this.
whether you’re a seasoned lightroom veteran or just starting out, learn how to use this tool to create professional-looking images, easily manage them, and make them instantly accessible. this one-on-one guide teaches you how to get the best out of lightroom, including how to use the editing, metadata, and catalog features, make a high-quality black-and-white or monochrome image, and more.
good suggestions here for the 1020, and some really good comparisons between the 1020 and e-m1 ( i for one am really glad that there are higher end compacts to choose from. the 1020 is indeed a great phone, and with a very modest lens (at least by dslr standards), it can do some good, and i’m excited to see what it can do with a better lens. as for the initial comments about the one manual at the start? yeah, i’ll take the users of this tutorial over the 1020’s 20.5 manual. sorry, 1020 fans, but i just don’t get it.
pscoff first watched his father use the lightroom classic few weeks ago, he is really impressed. he likes the automation function, has ready to start work with at present. he believed that the software is very easy to use, and their own results are awesome. he really liked the lightroom classic.