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AirDroid Pro is the world’s first free fully secure and intuitive remote control app for Apple and Android devices. When connected and configured, you can control and operate the device as if sitting right there next to the device!
AirDroid Pro will allow you to control the home, lock screen, camera, contacts, call, video calling, and more. Plus, you can switch to a device with a single touch!

That’s where the AutoGuard Blackbox application for Android comes into play. The app has been designed to record all kinds of data while you are driving your car. The app records a video non-stop while you are driving which you can use to prove what really happened if it did catch the incident on camera.

Whether you need data recovery for Android, iPhone, iPad, or iPod, or simply want to protect the data for that cell phone, or just want to test a few apps before buying, here we will share some of the best mobile apps with you.

Her functionality has also been extended to even show you the notifications on another platform while using an iPhone. So you can see them on your Android phone, right from the lock screen. The notification grid shows the added notifications in a nice clean way, while giving you quick access to the call or message.

One of my favorite apps for converting videos in my iPhone is Wondershare Filmora. And it’s available for Android, too. But there are two variants, a one-time cost of around 40 Euro, but a regularly $6.69. Both offer a basic selection for photo slideshow and a basic editor for quick cutting. You can use them in combination, using the Editor to quickly cut video. A real headstart, for those who manage to cut it in just a few minutes.

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if you want a quick watch on the history of the development of the android os, this was the place to be. while the newer devices offer some other features, android is an open source system, so there is no shortage of features to come up with. from the release of the htc g1 with the now defunct 1.5 os to the latest version of the android os 4.3 and beyond, you can find tons of information on the history of the os on the android developers website. you can browse the history by device or any other criteria, but this was by far the best place to get all the information you need to keep up with what is coming next in the android os.
the android os is a very open system, which means that anyone can build an app for it. unfortunately, sometimes you may want the app to be removed from the market. if you have any apps installed on your device that you dont want to be seen by others, there is an easy way to remove them from the market. this app will take the apps name, version, and id and remove them from the market, no matter if they are free or paid.
cinema is one of the first things that most people will install on their android device. what better way to show friends and family your device than by showing them some footage of what youve been watching? there are many different ways to show your friends and family what youve been watching, but this is the easiest one to use. you just have to set up some folders on your device and show them what youre watching in one or more of these folders. you can also choose to keep this folder private or share it with other people.