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Viamichelin Navigation X 950 Drivers

With ViaMichelin’s smartphone apps you can easily get off the beaten path, find parking spots, get tips to find the best restaurants and parking, and find any recommended spa or outdoor activity for the day.

6. Settings In the Main Menu, click Settings. This then takes you into the settings or information menus: – Navigation – Map – POI – General – My saved addresses 6.1. Navigation Click Navigation. You access menus that you can use to change certain navigation settings: – Display: to adjust the display settings. – Route: to adjust route or speed settings. – Sound: to adjust the volume of the different audible alarms. – Warner: to adjust the warning signal thresholds.

ViaMichelin can provide all the information you need, including road numbers. Interchanges, rest stops, indices, city maps, and distances.
Tourists can use the website for its unrivalled details on roads and various tourist attractions like scenic routes, points of interest, and reliable updates. It provides the best services without any hassle.

To optimise the use of your ViaMichelin Navigation X-930, we recommend that no more than 6 personal POI files be imported. 7.4. SD Manager Connect ViaMichelin Navigation X-930 to your PC Start the SD Manager program (the default location is: Start/Programs/ViaMichelin/ ViaMichelin Navigation PND/SD Manager). Select the item to be restored (just the application or the map). By default, the target medium is the X-950 (corresponding to the X-930). Select restore the application only.

i’ve driven some of the new 946 series gm models, but have never been able to get the navigation to work. i was finally able to get the system working, and took it for a spin. it is really nice and i like the feature where you can see the location of your friends on a map.
if you have the old dual navigation system, you can get a y-connector and get dual navigation. that way you could have a gps in your car and a phone in your pocket, and not be tied to the car’s computer to get turn-by-turn directions.
some of the new gm gps units now have a satelite based gps. while i’m a fan of the satelite based navigation in my phone, the satelite based systems are not very accurate and don’t offer very good information. they also don’t work well with cell phones. i’d like to have a dual satellite navigation system to use in my car, but they are just too expensive. this may be the only place you can get it though.
the [ viamichelin copyright] requires to provide the following information about the use of their trademarks: the name of the driver’s author or the company that distributes it. a link to the [ viamichelin website] where users can download the driver.
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