Vec3 Sample Pack 🔽

Vec3 Sample Pack 🔽


Vec3 Sample Pack

we are proud to present to you, the most famous edm producers worldwide the most inspirational trance sample pack ever! we have selected the top-notch sounds from btw and combined them with the most effective modern sounds, to give you a complete trance edm pack. the most popular modern trance sounds will blow your mind and give you the best trance edm sounds in the history of edm. it has all you need to create a realistic trance edm track.

with each sound we wanted to make sure to use some effects and theyve all been finely crafted in order to achieve the most realistic and authentic sounds. and we believe we have succeeded. for those who love trance and its full-on wave of euphoria, this pack will definitely help you make the best trance edm track ever created. go ahead and start making your trance edm tracks now.

modern trance sample pack is here! first of all, make sure to check out our trance edm sample pack, which brings you all the top-notch sounds for trance edm, the most amazing sounds for the track creation process.

modern trance sample pack features: 150 x drum kits, 15 x bass kits, 12 x synth and 9 x drum sounds, 25 x unique keys, 40 x unique pads, 24 x unique basses, 10 x vocals and 16 x sfx, all of them are compatible with omnisphere, kontakt, halion and sfz formats.

this is the first of three sample packs we have posted for you today. the second sample pack is the demo song by euphoric. the third sample pack is the hq beats pack which has 26 inspirational drum hits.

the first sample pack you are going to receive is the demo song by euphoric. this pack includes 1.5gb of inspiring music and loops for you to use and create with. euphoric‘s sound is mostly influenced by artists such as deadmau5 and steve angello. euphoric is most known for his use of organic sample based sounds with a slightly bit of modulated electronic pulse. this pack is very melodic and contains a wide variety of inspirational phrases. every edm, house, techno or trance producer should not hesitate one second to get this beast of an expansion pack!

but there is a way to make this suck less, and that is to use a filter to blur the noise pattern. the result is a vastly improved quality where the noise pattern is less visible. now that’s a thing you can actually do with this sample pack!
it turns out that the sample i thought i found is actually just a very short piece of an actual riff. nari and milani clearly knew it was a riff. they actually cite the thundamentals sample as the basis for this riff. nari goes on to say that he might use the thundamentals loop, or this riff, as the basis for a new track. i think this makes it clear that they are ashamed that they couldn’t find the source. i don’t know why they didn’t just say they used thundamentals, but i think it’s safe to say that the fact they didn’t is an indication that they thought using it was ok. in all honesty, nari and milani are some of the most honorable producers i know, and i truly believe they are genuinely afraid to admit that they used a sample that is already in the public domain.
we are going to use two different methods to implement our convolution filter. the first method is the filters/filter1.fx filter. it is an advanced post process filter which is found in the filters folder. the advanced post process filter is a filter that applies a certain amount of randomization to a texture. however, it is not the most flexible filter. you can only apply it to a single axis of the texture and you can only control the amount of randomization. also, the filter has the tendency to oversample small areas and cut off large areas; this happens because the filter only uses the input sample count of the filter.