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Symantec System Recovery 2013 License Key

you can use backup software to create a backup on your hard drive. to restore a backup, you typically need to use the same recovery software on a different hard drive. your options will depend on which backup software you choose.

windows 7 and windows 8 will restore the backup to a new drive, or restore it to the same drive as the one it was originally on. if you decide to use the same drive, windows will also do a disk cleanup before restoring the backup. this removes any windows files from the drive as well as items that were included in the backup.

backup files and folders to a file server or external hard drive so that you can always access them even if you reinstall or experience a total system failure. the backup software you use should allow you to determine when, and how often, you want to back up. make sure you back up before making any major changes to your pc. it also prevents you from losing valuable information if there is a hardware or operating system problem.

most of the products available in the market claim to be better than symantec backup and restore solutions. they are available in 2 kinds, either paid or free of cost. paid type has advanced options and features while the free software is easier to use and has limited options. additionally, free trial versions are available for anyone looking to test the software.

featured service pack level 2 has been added to norton ghost pro 2013. this means that up to three scheduled or one-shot backups can be created during the same session.

as a backup, ghost pro 2013 has cross-platform support for block-level backup. it also has greater backup and replication options compared to enterprise ghost 9. it is possible to restore only a subdirectory, object, or file, as well as restore only a specified portion of the backup history.

the symantec backup exec (sbe) driver included in this release of ghost pro 2013 is capable of back-upping applications on remote windows systems. also, the new driver enables windows backups to be back-upped to a network-attached storage (nas) server.

these new windows features are particularly useful in remote recovery situations. they allow the computer which is to recover to connect to a server that has the applications to be restored, and then back-up the server by synchronizing only the changed objects with the backup.

although the ghost file system was created by novell, it is not officially supported by novell and is not licensed to others. novell allegedly planned to release ghost under the gpl license, but in 2007 novell abandoned its plans.
starting with version 8.2, ghost was split into two files. previously the two files contained the entire contents of the original one. in later versions, the files are broken up into smaller sections. version 8.2 also has a new backup format based on the bin file format. ghost 8.2 restores text files as byte stream and it restores resource files using the resource headers. the size of the bin file is under 256 mb in order to avoid running out of free disk space. the size of the bin file was increased in version 8.3 up to 512 mb.
in march 2013, novell announced its intention to discontinue development and support of ghost. this prompted community concerns regarding the availability of ghost in the future. as of june 2013, ghost is no longer available for download .
symantec ghost is certified to iso27001 standards of information security, which means it meets three basic information security requirements including information integrity, confidentiality, availability and non-repudiation. the ghost application includes the ability to encrypt file levels, smart file repair, ssl and security instructions, roll-backing, and various tools for forensics. it is also a component of norton ghost for enterprise and it is used for active directory backup. one of the tools of symantec ghost is norton ghost recover. it can restore data from any number of locations, including floppy disk, hard disk, magnetic stripe and solid state disk. it can also restore from a cd and dvd-rom. it is an open source based software which is very easy to use.