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Mrp40 Morse Decoder Keygen Extra Quality Download

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Mrp40 Morse Decoder Keygen Download

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>hi there!
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please keep this bad stuff to yourself. not only is it illegal but
also the guy worked *** his program, he did a good job and isn’t
charging an arm and leg.

neil g1tzc/m3tzc

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by a fri, 13 dec 2002 22:49:24


>i agree doing stuff like this is morally wrong but is it really
>please cite if you can do so easily – ie don’t go to a lot of trouble.

> under us law if a publication is protected by a copyright, no one has
>the right to use the item without a license.

> ken
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by chuck/ke4et fri, 13 dec 2002 11:41:50

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>Hi guys >The original editor can be obtained from >The author is a freelance technologist, who has >been lurking on the net for many years. In particular he >has extended his programming skills to the >creation of software for the MRP40, which is >a new software-based radio-transmitter, produced >by the technology experts at Disruptive >Technologies (D.T.).
>If you havent seen the marketing blurb for these little >craps, its a hardware based modem that sends and receives >Morse code data by pressing keys on the radio. It also >contains a display with a UI of sorts. This means that >you can transmit letters and numbers to the terminal it >has connected to, and receive them back. >So if your iphone / android / new Nokia phone is connected >to the radio, you can send words to it, and it will >send them out over FM radio. Im sending an email to >them so I don’t know if this is imbedded in there. I >don’t believe so – but it is an attractive concept.
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