Micro Win 32 Step 7 V 3.1 – Siemens Simatic Industrial Software – PLC Programming (Ladder Logic) – EXCLUSIVE ✅

Micro Win 32 Step 7 V 3.1 – Siemens Simatic Industrial Software – PLC Programming (Ladder Logic) – EXCLUSIVE ✅

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Micro Win 32 Step 7 V 3.1 – Siemens Simatic Industrial Software – PLC Programming (Ladder Logic) –

the programmers have various options. we have the cli and coding tools. from here the programmer can create program files (set) and execute them on the controller. there are also so-called programming languages. programming languages are texts for the automation of a plc. the basic message forms that must be defined, are the alu-scripts. programs are designed and written for individual features by means of ladder logic, structured text, and sequential functional chart. structured text and sequential functional chart are being offered by dymo’s automation product adfii. ladder logic is working programm in various programming languages.

when you first open up simatic step 7 v 3.1 you will see a new start page. it is the first piece of software that you will use. click on the help menu and then the topic in the help. if you know your way around the english language then you should be able to quickly learn how to operate the software.

when you have a programming project it will show up in a window, something similar to the above picture. your typical job might have only one or two blocks on at a time. you can add blocks by double clicking, and edit any of the blocks in a similar way. we will use the edit block to add some code and remove unnecessary pieces.

now that we have a simple programming project, we can open up the edit block on the base component and add code. the first block in the list is the main component. double click on it and add the following codes:

one way to add a block to the program is to right click on the block and select add. alternatively you can right click on the block and select properties. this will give you a lot more options for block configuration. either way you will be prompted for your block type and values. if you select mode: block then you will see your options. lets select program. this will not add the block to the project but it will create a new program in the program list. now we can add the block to the new program. however we will do it the easy way and select add. you will now be prompted to select the block to add.

if you do not have the windows vista or windows 7 oem version, you should be prompted to click yes to the question if you do not want to activate your copy of the software. this is explained in the document.
you will be directed to the main screen to begin programming by clicking on the “step 7 pre-load program” button. (using this version of the software, we recommend you don’t use the input dialog for loading programs) the main screen of step7_lite_step7 should look like this:
as you can see from the above screenshots the program interface is very similar to the one found in the micro windows step 7 product. this makes it very easy for you to learn and you can get up and running without any problems.
to use the ladder logic format of programming with simatic step7 software you will need to download the simatic step 7 ladder logic toolkit program and unzip it to your desktop. after this you can open up the ladder logic design by double clicking on the “lladder.deploy” file on your desktop. (make sure you have the “lladder.deploy” file for the program you wish to use.this is also demonstrated in the above screenshots of the step7_lite_step7 software and should be pretty self explanatory)
you can now click on the edit button and select the input layout you wish to use. you will then be prompted with an up down screen and arrow buttons. pressing the down arrow button will bring up a series of 4 options. you can define 4×4, 8×8, 16×16, 32×32, 64×64 and 128×128.
i downloaded the electronic manuals and the user guide from both siemens and rslogix and loaded them into the step 7 software. the manuals are very good and have everything you need to run a program or retreive info on your plc. the step 7 program seems to have a lot of really detailed information about the plc. the manuals include a long section on programming with ladder logic which explains the different steps in program creation. if you are new to ladder logic, the manuals should get you started. i feel the manual is complete enough and it can save you a lot of time not having to make mistakes in coding.