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Memento Technique De Leau Pdf 21

ce calendrier prsente un aperu gnral du droulement des semestres et des sessions dexamens bachelor et master. les chances concernant les admissions, le dbut des tudes, la mobilit acadmique, les projets de master, les prix, les amnagements, les bourses dtudes, etc. se trouvent sur les pages web ddies ces thmatiques. le cms, les sections et les facults communiquent les chances qui leur sont spcifiques. le diffrents vnements organiss au sein de lcole sont publis dans le memento epfl.

differs from the original translation model by adding a “the” prefix for nouns that begin sentences. uses an adapted version of spacy, so the same part of speech for words is used throughout the text. it can also be used to generate an english version that is re-titling the spanish text that was generated.

our scheme, called aefootprints with pesca, can generate a large number of possible paths that the model might have taken to produce a given sentence. with enhanced language modeling, we can perform very efficient reasoning over those paths. we can also use aefootprints and pesca to jointly model semantics and structure, and thus enable techniques such as question answering.

a general text to speech (tts) system should be able to decode any arbitrary sentence from the given vocabulary, without any human intervention. we prove that a tts system made using deepspeech with a modified vocabulary can easily attain this functionality. more importantly, the modified vocabulary can be trained with opensubtitles without human intervention. this allows us to create a low-cost solution that can access opensubtitles and other available training data (movie scripts, newspaper articles etc.).

the aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of enamel, surface roughness, and surface topography on the adhesion of self-etching adhesive systems. new (n = 30) extracted third molars (fdi) were randomly assigned to 3 groups (n = 10). the enamel was ground with different rotary diamond burs (disc-shaped abrasive). then the teeth were randomly assigned to one of three adhesives (clearfil se bond, clearfil ap bond and one-step bond f plus) and were bonded with one of two adhesive techniques (chemical-gel or resin-gel). all samples were treated by the adhesive and bond strength measurements (microtensile bond strength, mtbs) were taken after 24 h and 30 days. the results of mtbs showed that no significant differences were observed at 24 h. one-step bond f plus presented better results than the other adhesives at 30 days. the retentive strength of clear adhesive resin was considerably lower than that of self-etching adhesive resin. clear adhesive resin also presented higher retentive strength and lower cohesive failures than self-etching adhesive resin.
the mechanical properties of nine pure titanium alloys (ti-6al-4v, ti-6al-7nb, ti-6al-1mo, ti-6al-4v-2cr, ti-6al-4v-3cr, ti-7al-1.5mo-3zr, ti-10v-2fe-4cr, ti-16v-4cr-3al) and a titanium alloy-strengthened with al, ta, zr and nb (ti-6al-7zr-4nb, ti-6al-7zr-4ta, ti-6al-1mo-2zr-2nb) were determined. each alloy was machine finished, coarse and ultrasonically cleaned and then polished to receive a surface roughness ra lower than 1 µm. tensile test was carried out on an instron machine. lower yield strength and tensile strength were obtained for all the ti alloys with the exception of ti-10v-2fe-4cr. elastic modulus was the highest in ti-16v-4cr-3al. it was not possible to achieve any ti sample with an average yield strength higher than 200 mpa, and no ti sample obtained yield strength values larger than 280 mpa. it can be concluded that the alloys of this study could be used for mechanical components of orthodontic appliances and, even if they are not recommended for the fabrication of a crown and a bridge, they could be included in the list of materials used for removable appliances. the increasing strength of titanium alloys obtained with additive manufacturing could provide efficient reinforcements for removable appliances and could be useful in manufacturing removable appliances with therapeutic properties. these properties could be improved by addition of elements such as niobium and zirconium which can be added in concentrations greater than 3%. however, it is necessary to take into account a possible adverse effect of these elements in the long term.