Map Cs Extreme V7


Map Cs Extreme V7

in 2015, the national institute of environmental health sciences (niehs) and the national oceanic and atmospheric administration (noaa) conducted the nation’s first comprehensive assessment of heat-related illnesses. the findings helped to determine the areas most vulnerable to extreme heat, identify gaps in prevention efforts, and inform the development of heat mitigation policies.

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edison research, a leading independent research firm, is the sole source of the data, analysis and creative content for the extreme maps project. its founder, john zogby, is also the author of the book “democracy by map” and founder of the zogby interactive group.
the report details the extent to which extreme partisan gerrymandering is currently disadvantaging democrats and how it has the potential to further disadvantaging them in the 2018 and 2020 elections and throughout the next decade.
the most extreme partisan gerrymanders reduce democratic representation in washington by more than half, as well as in the states of maryland, michigan, north carolina and texas. the wisconsin gerrymander, for example, was designed specifically to disenfranchise and disadvantage democratic voters, and the pennsylvania gerrymander was developed as a way to re-draw congressional districts to favor republicans, even at the cost of disenfranchising democratic voters.