LG Smart Recovery Center.iso [BEST]

LG Smart Recovery Center.iso [BEST]


LG Smart Recovery Center.iso

i recently got an lg tv (2015 model-58f8050) and i have the recovery center up and running on the tv. there are 2 things that i can not get to work and am very confused on.

1. i can not get the tv to connect to the internet. i have attempted to connect to my wireless network but nothing comes up. i have tried using my laptop to connect to the internet to no avail. i have an lg 7100 mifi that i am using on my laptop and it works fine, but not on the tv.

2. i also can not get the lg app to play video. i have the app on my pc and i have tried to connect to the app through the lg app and the pc but nothing shows up. can anyone help me with this.

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the lg smart recovery center.iso is a great tool to use when windows startup repair can’t help you out. lg smart recovery center.iso is a compact iso file which is just over 1 mb in size. you can use this iso image to boot your computer into an advanced recovery mode that allows you to access your windows files and folders.

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