Komplete Audio 6 Control Panel S


Komplete Audio 6 Control Panel S

the audiobox itwo also offers a total of eight footswitchable controls: three footswitches on the back panel and five on the front panel. there are two main sections on the front panel: a tuner section and a section for controlling the interface’s volume and pan. on the tuner section are two high-quality headphone jacks, a monitor output, a stereo line out, and a line out jack that can be used for connecting to a powered mixer. the volume control section contains a master output, a stereo line out, and a pair of footswitches for controlling the volume of the input channels.

while the volume control section is an easy place to access all of the controls, it is difficult to get at. there are a few more controls on the front panel and a few more controls on the back panel. but the controls are clearly labeled, and they’re all quite large and easy to see. the interface is also well-constructed; all of the knobs are metal with black, glossy plastic knobs. the parts we tested the interface with were all very well made. overall, we were impressed with the audio quality, the design, and the feel of the audiobox itwo. we also liked that it provides enough footswitches and controls to make it simple to program.

this one works with any digital audio workstation you want to use. you get a handful of audio plug-ins that include several guitar amp models (including a tube amp model), a compressor/eq, an acoustic guitar emulation plug-in, and a multiband compressor.

the komplete audio 6 is a really straightforward interface that comes with a simple knob and switch control panel and a bunch of knobs and switches. although you can use this interface to connect an external mic (like the original komplete audio 6, which used rca connectors) or with a line-in signal, the interface doesnt come with any phantom power or xlr input connectors. you do get phantom power for the microphones, however, which is a nice feature.

although it’s not a studio-quality audio interface, the focusrite 2i2 is an excellent entry-level interface for musicians, podcasters, and other people who want to record audio and just need to get the basics right.
the only negative that we found was that the 8-sample bus audio buffer seemed to be configured to record at 48khz but to output at 44.1khz, resulting in a slight click at the start of every track. this didn’t bother us, though, because we haven’t noticed that to be a problem when recording and mixing.
including the 2i2 with the audiobox itwo is a very smart move by komplete, especially for new musicians who are just beginning to record with their digital audio workstation of choice. it provides a good starting point for this type of equipment and provides a usb audio interface that is easy to use, with helpful features for getting started.
the audio interface and accompanying komplete audio 6 mk2 software have a few quirks, but they’re minor. the audiobox itwo is a great audio interface for musicians and podcasters who want to make some basic recordings.
the komplete audio 6 mk2 software is easy to use, with a very intuitive interface that makes it easy to record, and has a good collection of production tools. if you’re looking to start a podcast, the komplete audio 6 mk2 is a good choice because it’s affordable and easy to use.
like the audio interface, the komplete audio 6 mk2 software has a few quirks, but they’re minor. it’s simple to use, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to record and a good collection of production tools.