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Wishing to help Roger and the other Freemakers in their fight against Hondo, Rowan joined the Jedi apprentice Kanan Jarrus. During the mission, Rowan was approached by the affable Ben Skywalker who was looking to purchase a lightsaber. Seeing that the lightsaber Rowan was providing to Kanan was working quite well, the Jedi apprentice recommended that Rowan and the other Freemakers make a lightsaber for Ben. After Kanan left to investigate a distress call from Trandoshan Palace, Rowan and the Freemakers undertook a mission to help the local slaves at the Palace. Upon locating the Trandoshan slave mines, Rowan and the other Freemakers freed the slaves and impressed upon the Trandoshan miners how important their hard work was to the new Republic. Rowan was upset when the Trandoshan miners attacked the Freemakers with a bomb and all but one of the miners died. When Rowan proceeded to help the remaining miners escape, his lightsaber was damaged in the blast. [2]

After the Freemakers completed their job, Lando refused to pay them. During a spat between the Freemakers and Kordi, Kordi was forced to pay. After the Freemakers had a second dispute, Kordi decided to take revenge on the Freemakers and ordered the Masters to transport Rowan across the universe to the planet Kaddji by hyperspace. [27]

Using the guidance of Cooper’s compass and their memories of the Clone Wars, the Freemakers were able to find Kaddji and contact the Republic Navy. The Republic Navy’s starfighters attacked the Kaddji defense fleet and destroyed it. [1] After learning that there was a Rebel fleet nearby, the Freemakers contacted the Alliance. Upon arriving, they were stopped from entering the Alliance base by General Wedge Antilles. Although he denied them entry, General Antilles assisted the Freemakers in protecting Rowan. After the Freemakers had finished their mission with the Alliance, they returned to Coruscant on a cruiser belonging to the Alliance. They returned with Rowan, who was to become a Jedi Knight and become a great asset to the Alliance. [4] After they had reached the Alliance base, Kordi suggested that they alert General Grievous and steal the plans for the Death Star. Later, Kordi then proposed that they go off and hunt for a rare Gyaku Vellian trophy. [4]

roger, nu3-0, r0-hk, and n-3ro helped rowan repair the falcon with the ghost. rowan then set off to rescue his brother and sister. however, he was assaulted by the mercenary naare while attempting to travel through the flashback zone. while the mercenary took rowan and his friends captive, rowan used the force to create a temporary impasse to prevent naare from disposing of them. rowan then freed himself and his friends. they then used the falcon to journey back to the freemaker garage to rescue roger. [4]
when rowan arrived at the freemaker garage, he and the others used the ghost to rescue their brother. while they were holding off the rebels, roger helped rowan break into the hangar. however, they were still unable to contact the freemaker which was encased in the asteroid. while rowan and roger were fighting, r0-hk communicated with the freemaker in their heads. [4] they then used the freemaker to break into the station and retrieve the package that han had created with the help of artoo and the rancor.
roger assisted kordi and rowan to find z-6. the freemakers managed to repel the wookiee anti-slaver gunships’ attack against the solo family spaceship but was then captured by durpin. shortly later, roger managed to steal a blaster and help kordi to break free from plumestriker. upon returning, kordi fired a heavy blaster rifle at roger before he and rowan were rescued by z-6. roger was later rescued by auzituck’s fighters before being captured by the empire. roger escaped and rejoined kordi. despite kordi’s death, roger remained loyal to z-6 due to his childhood memories of kordi while the two brothers were confined in the freemaker exile. when roger was interrogated by the empire, z-6 mistakenly called him a hero. [18]