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various web pages, documents, icons, word or page styles, as well as charts, diagrams, lists and fonts can all be scanned with the help of the scanning option which automatically sends the pages to the online service. they can then be textured with a high resolution image and saved. or you can upload the pages directly on to your website! this allows you to generate a downloadable website in just a few clicks. this online service will also… index your pages, add internal links, create a webpage, and add automatic images for charts or tables to your website.

the online service lets you to search all of your documents in their entirety, with no limitation in the number of characters per page or number of pages. it also allows you to quickly create or use a table of contents to organize the pages in a website. it is also used to create cross-links to other websites or to insert the table of contents to any document you upload. it also… publish to the internet, to your e-mail, to social networks, or to any other destination you want.

whether you are just starting to use your mac laptop or are a power user, the mac app store is a convenient way to get apps at the click of a button. with the mac app store, mac software and accessories are easier than ever to download and use. you’ll find the latest and greatest apps from some of your favorite mac developers.
any change to the development tools or external software may result in incompatibilities or other issues. our support teams are available monday through friday 9 am to 5 pm pst and on the weekends 9 am to 4 pm pst to assist you.
the world of open source has enabled developers, it pros, and curious individuals to develop cool new tools that, until now, were only available to large companies. on this serverless platform, every resource is managed by the developers that are building them. this means faster time to market and scaling. the managed api service makes it easy to move and scale your application — all without compromising reliability or the integrity of your data.
the tests are coming to a screeching halt. the panic has set in. people are realising that most of the major mistakes that organisations make can be linked to the lack of knowledge that the leaders have about the technical aspects of running a business or a system.
we enable people, by taking responsibility for what we’re learning, so that the next time we need to be informed about any of this stuff, we’re not wasting the time of dedicated and capable people by posting a similar question for the first time.
cms content management systems (cms) have been around since the early 1990s. thanks to the oracle virtualbox project, users can now run their cmss on their own virtual machines without incurring excessive costs in building, testing, and maintaining the cms.