H-Town, Ladies Edition Full Album Zip |BEST|

H-Town, Ladies Edition Full Album Zip |BEST|

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H-Town, Ladies Edition Full Album Zip

the second album of the original the thing featuring saxophonist peter brotzmann is one of the most remarkable and original albums of recent years, musically and lyrically. even if you dont know brotzmanns music, you should know it. “having a good time” is not in the same league as “the thing” is “having a great time” and this is one of those albums that really changes the tone of your life. (ks)

this was recorded in the uk in 1973, and features a quartet of musicians who are not only one of the finest jazz groups ever to emerge from europe, but also a group of musicians who have made some of the finest music of the last 40 years, period. and there are a lot of good things in the album: the second half is mostly focused on the rhythmic imagination of pianist ronnie scott, and it shows a lot of the best aspects of his playing. but what makes this a must is the first half: its an outstanding example of why this group was and is so special, and the contributions of drummer tony coe, bassist mel lewis and saxophonist evan parker and tenor-saxophonist mike gibbs are also outstanding. (ks)

ive said before that one of the best things about this great record is that its a “must” for any fans of contemporary jazz. but it also contains great “must” music from the 1950s. this second volume is also the best of the two volumes that were recorded by the great german mps label. the material on this album is played by a group of truly great musicians who are well known to the jazz cognoscenti, but relatively unknown to most of the people who love the music. for this reason, and because of the strength of the music itself, this is a must album for anyone who wants to appreciate some of the best music of the last 50 years. (ks)

its a very sparse album. it seems to me that this is a record that requires a lot of space. it is the true jazz album in the sense that there are a lot of very spare moments. its not like there are thirty-minute solos and then an interval. it is a series of very short solos with very long pauses between them. i think thats what a jazz record needs to be. (rg)
their influence was enormous. a contemporary of lauryn hill and mya, india.arie, lalu & poizur were a three-woman fusion group who found success in south africa in the mid-1990s with songs including the massive, anthemic title track. their music featured an excellent rhythm section, and their voices blended well. with the digitalization of the industry in the past ten years, we have seen a return of female vocalists, such as alicia keys, beyonce, mariah carey, and kelly rowland, to the foreground. the trio has been working in other genres of music, such as jazz, swing, and pop, and has released one album and one ep (as of 2012). their recent ep, ive been around, included a song titled “don’t let the sun go down on me” which peaked at no. 12 in south africa. (ks)
more than any other south african jazz musician, ali recorded a wide variety of music that crossed the borders of other genres like rock, blues, hip-hop, and, above all, jazz. the recorded his most famous album, chaka demus & pliers as “chaka zulu”, in which he mixed african rhythms with the styles of funk, soul, and r&b. later on, ali blended afro-cuban and brazilian styles with jazz and rock, and produced eight solo albums, each one a mix of the best of all of his musical forms. (ks)