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Forge Your Future Book Pdf Free 107

216. in the same vein, in the field of human rights, i have repeatedly called upon governments to open their democratic processes to the participation of all segments of society, by means of referenda and plebiscites, as well as by means of the organization of consultative dialogues and debates, so that the views of the great majority of the population can be heard. [157] for, in this way, a greater sense of participation and a more democratic political culture will be produced, which will in turn inspire greater respect for the principles of freedom and justice.

223. freedom of expression and the freedom to receive information, on the other hand, are of the very essence of a democratic society, not only for the effective functioning of political systems, but also for the survival of each individual. [158] in the field of justice, i have stressed the need for the creation of a global tribunal system, able to intervene in the presence of the most serious violations of human rights, and to ensure appropriate punishment for the perpetrators. [159] this is also the best way to ensure that the values of the international community are respected, and to defend the universality of human rights. the most appropriate instruments of defence will be the actions of the international criminal court and the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia.

188. the pandemic is not a case of “shock”, but a fundamental change, a crisis of values and a radical redefinition of the meaning of human life. this pandemic has revealed that many of the values that society holds dear are far from being in line with the true good of the human person. the world we lived in has been turned upside down and we need to rebuild it from scratch. we need to reassess the meaning of freedom, work, society, politics, family and rights. in a word, we need to be realigned with god: we need to be reconciled with the person that he is; we need to hear his voice and act on his message. [33] only in this way can we ensure that the ideal of family, the vital principle of socialization, and the common good of the human person be rediscovered, rather than being simply abandoned.

and when the samaritan saw that he had been healed, he went to jesus, thanking him, and as he was returning the jews started mocking him, saying, you are not yet fifty, and you say, your god is the god of david [209] and jesus answered them, he has testified to me, he has saved me. [210] and when the tenth day came, the disciple jesus (mary’s sister) daughter of mary, and her mother those who were with her, came to see jesus. and behold, there was a man covered with sweat and with a fever, and he was lying on his pallet.’ when jesus (mary’s sister) saw her, and the woman who was with her, jesus said, where have you been, and where did you come from, and where are your parents, and where have you lived? and she answered, i am a woman of samaria, and i am bound under guard in the house of the centurion. and i got into an inner room, and was obliged to tell my own story. jesus noticed her attitude and said to her, i have not been to the jews alone, but to those of samaria as well. in other words, the lord has healed all those who want him. but to mary’s sister and all those with her, he said, a light has dawned, because a woman is to be born of you, and your offspring will be called emmanuel (god with us).(lk 8:31-35; mt 1: 24-25).
177. it is not enough to speak of cooperation in regulating and controlling financial markets, without demanding more than this. we must also place the interests of the weakest and most vulnerable communities at the heart of our planning, cooperate with local and national civil society, work with the poorest of the poor, deploy all the resources of science in the service of the poor, intensify our networking with the private sector, and more! i believe that this can be done without bringing war to the global financial system. without providing an ideal society. instead, we must strive for harmony between the various socio-economic systems. in such a situation, we can afford no exceptions, no matter how much harm may result. [179] we must accept that what we do and what we are will be constantly evolving; our decisions and our activities will have to be constantly adjusted. cooperation on the international and inter-governmental levels presupposes constant discussions about strategy and principles. [180] i do not think, however, that such discussions should remain restricted to conferences held in isolation from the everyday problems that are the source of conflict in the world.