Eminem Hell The Sequel Deluxe Edition Zip


Eminem Hell The Sequel Deluxe Edition Zip

when eminem first announced relapse, the marshall mathers lp was already 6 years old, and the world had seen plenty of eminem beefs with other rappers. over the years, em has found it necessary to reinvent himself, but he never lost sight of the core messages of his earlier work. that formula hasnt changed much here, but the emo route em took in the mid-2000s now seems quaint in comparison to the reckless nihilism that makes up his pop-culture-adjacent lyrics in the new millennium. after all, bad meets evil still gets paid and still has a platform from which to operate, and that makes them more than just a nostalgia act or a great album simply for the fact that theyre still around. like revenge, relapse isnt really a comeback album, but its hard to think of a time when eminem wasnt actively trying to make music for everyone to hear. but he also never tried to be more than he is. relapse is just the album he wants to make, and if thats the case, it stills hits harder than it has in years.

the best thing about relapse is the way it feels like a return to form, but not a return to the form of the past. its not just that eminem hasnt lost his touch; rather, he seems more willing to take chances. he still has a bad-boy persona, but in the same way that he was always a bad boy, he seems more comfortable being bad than he used to be. its like hes been shot out of a gun and his wrist is unsteady, but he can still fire a bullet and hit the target. if relapse is, like survival, about battling a mental illness (and i think it is), then the marshall mathers lp 2 is about overcoming a physical one. the difference here is that the physical hurdle he has to overcome is the kind of thing that only a beast can do. if relapse feels like a sequel, the marshall mathers lp 2 feels like a sequel in the most literal sense. in this case, the sequel is the sequel of a sequel. while relapse was mainly about illness, this one is about physical healing. with the former, eminem was simply telling his critics to suck it, and the latter is a much more personal statement.

01 git up (produced by eminem) 02 loyalty (feat. obie trice) (produced by eminem) 03 just like u (produced by denaun porter) 04 ill be damned (produced by denaun porter) 05 dude (skit) 06 my band (produced by eminem) 07 u r the one (produced by denaun porter) 08 6 in the morning (produced by eminem) 09 how come (produced by eminem) 10 leave dat boy alone (produced by red spyda) 11 get my gun (produced by eminem) 12 bizarre (skit) 13 bitch (produced by eminem) 14 steves coffee house (skit) 15 d-12 world (produced by kanye west) 16 40 oz. (produced by trackboyz) 17 commercial break (produced by eminem) 18 american psycho ii (feat. b-real from cypress hill) (produced by dr. dre & mike elizondo) 19 bugz 97 (skit) 20 good die young (produced by denaun porter) 21 keep talkin (bonus track) (produced by night & day)
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