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ps c:\> $token = convertto-securestring “<password>” -asplaintext -force ps c:\> import-module.\tools\.\xsvirtumio.psd1 ps c:\> $licensefilebytes = [system.convert]::frombase64string(“<base64encoded_license_file_from_some_place>”) ps c:\> $licensefilefile = new-object -typename -argumentlist “c:\tmp\test.cr2” ps c:\> $licensefile = new-object -typename -argumentlist $licensefilefile.fullname ps c:\> $licensefile = [system.convert]::frombase64string(“<base64encoded_license_file_from_some_place>”) ps c:\> $token | convertto-securestring -asplaintext -force | convertfrom-securestring | get-c2linfo | select-object -expandproperty name ps c:\> import-module.psd1 ps c:\> $data = $licensefile | new-object -typename system.x509signature -argumentlist “sha1” ps c:\> $data.getserialnumber() ps c:\> $data.gettype() ps c:\> $data.getissuer() ps c:\> $data.getsubject() ps c:\> $data.getsignature() ps c:\> $data.algorithm ps c:\> $data.keyspec ps c:\> $data.isrevocationenabled ps c:\> $data.validuntil ps c:\> $data.issuercommonname ps c:\> $data.notbefore ps c:\> $data.notafter
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