Clp 320 Fix ✔



Clp 320 Fix

macos has difficulties changing printers, as the mac apparently can not be told that the file being opened is a printer file. that’s why i tested a bunch of methods. only those both work on my printer in the beginning of november 2013. so if your printer is not supported, than maybe you should retest with the current drivers.

another method suggested in a comment you can save a file named: filetype: text – filename: /tmp/ as your own clp fix. make sure that the filepath is correct. enable hidden files in finder’s “preferences”. you could then run this command:

this printer can be really easy and simple when you follow the simple rules. what could have stopped me was trying to print from a windows computer. my printer was connected to my ubuntu computer. once connected, i was able to print with it from that computer. the mac, however, did not recognize the printer connection. what i did then was to connect the printer directly to the ubuntu computer, rather than through the mac.

it’s not a real fix, but with the current workaround the problem is solved and i can print again, just as good as before. but there seems to be a few errors during printing. i really hope the manufacturers will fix this.

remove the cover under the fuser unit, four small clips on the bottom, one large clip on the top.
gently wiggle out some of the chips and remove.

now put it back together, making sure you put the clips back in the same order.
you will notice the led s only flash yellow or sometimes red (it can be done with a regular 5v switch).
if the firmware is flashed correctly (it will say so on the led display) the led s should stop flashing.
the printer should then work normally.

on some of the samsung devices (printers such as the clp-320) the firmware is stored on the toner chip, so that if the toner cartridge needs to be replaced the firmware can be simply updated by refilling the cartridge. this guide will show you how to refilling the cartridge in a clp-320 by resetting the cartridge and programming the firmware. please note before you proceed with the guide that you need to remove the toner chip from the cartridge that you are currently using before refilling the cartridge, otherwise it will be blocked. you can only change the refilled cartridge in the printer if the toner chip is sealed. if the toner chip is not sealed, then the refilled cartridge can not be used in the printer.
i have a samsung clp-320 printer, which takes about three cartridges, the one on the back picks up the printhead with the faulty chip, and it’s pushed into the printer for sorting and fixing. i was wondering if i could replace the printhead for the back of the printer if it wasn’t bad but doing it myself seems kind of risky and i haven’t seen any suggestions on how to do this. anybody have any idea how to do this?
to use a dynamic ip address, in the dns text box, type the name or address of a dns server. to use a fixed ip address, in the dns ip text box, type the ip address of the server. to set the ip address to be dynamic, in the ip address text box, type the ip address of the server. click next.
if the server is on the same subnet as the pc that you are using now, use the same settings. if the server is on a different subnet, click the down arrow next to subnet mask and select use a static ip address. the default administrator account information, and the administrator’s password are stored in the registry on the computer where you installed the printer. click next.