Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming Full Crack [key Serial] UPD

Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming Full Crack [key Serial] UPD

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Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming Full Crack [key Serial]

agricultural simulator: historical farming is the latest simulation video game of the makers of agro-business. released in 2012, the game is based on the agricultural history. designed by a team of programmers and farmers, it is a game that puts you in the heart of the countryside, as a farmer competing against other farmers to earn the most money and the best infrastructure. in a big and diverse area, you can choose from a number of plots to expand, build and develop. with the employment of a large network of farm workers, you can thus turn raw land into a productive and profitable landscape. with the addition of potential farming products, which allow you to harvest, sell or transform your crops, you can now complete your ideal farms and build you ideal future. realistic farming simulator allows you to develop a total sustainable farming and to take full control of the whole farm!

the operation of the farm is easy to use but filled with various possibilities: you can plant, fertilize, cultivate and harvest your entire farm. the reality of the profession of agriculture is not limited to the technical side of it. thus you will have to manage all relations with your customers, staff, taxes, duties, development and major maintenance. only by managing a large company and making all the necessary business contracts will you have the chance to see your company grow and, in the end, make your dreams come true.


  • mons… master of nurture and lord of sports
  • pasture… pastures
  • oil… oil and animal husbandry
  • farm… agriculture
  • tillage… village
  • handicrafts… handicrafts
  • coffee… coffee production
  • smoking… smoking
  • safe… agriculture’s best safety
  • sizes allow you to adjust different gameplay sizes
  • freeze… unused areas
  • sleep… wake up your animals
  • restore wake up your animals and repair them
  • auto… automate your farming life
  • outdoor… use your shop outside
  • auto… use your shop outside

The well-known CLAAS AXION series range includes seven fully-automatic machines for every agricultural application. The CLAAS AXION 500, CLAAS AXION 600, CLAAS AXION 700, CLAAS AXION 750, CLAAS AXION 800, CLAAS AXION 900 and the CLAAS AXION 500 Super HYBRID combine from our main business unit CLAAS was developed for a low to medium-sized farm. This unites the best performance, comfort and ease-of-operation features with a reduction in investment.
It is particularly true for the CLAAS AXION models the “farm” of the full-sized combine. In addition, all CT units are customized after customers’ requirements. And the operator can adjust all settings manually for comfort and ease of operation.
The CLAAS AXION 900 Terra TRAC (TT) semi-trailer is the newest addition to the CLAAS tractor range. The tractor’s traction and the high efficiency give it a competitive edge in many farming applications. The semi-trailer also features a low kerb weight. From the drivers perspective, this is a major advantage. The large trailer has a compact design and also covers all requirements. The interior can easily be heated and ventilated, giving the operator comfortable working conditions.
The manage menu, which is displayed in split-screen mode when the operating images are displayed side by side, allows users to monitor the overview in detail from the operator’s seat. Using graphic icons on the screens of the equipment, the parameters that the user must monitor can be easily identified. This includes the tire pressure, which is indicated with the symbol for the appropriate tire. Additional icons are provided for the condition of the drive, the operator panel, and the operating controls. The farmer can also unlock additional general features like a virtual speedometer, the selection of a selection tool, and the activation of a view from the operator’s seat. All equipment can be operated via the touch screen and a joystick as a steering aid. All tire sizes are assigned automatically and the required tire pressure can be adjusted. The vehicle also functions as a driving simulator in which the player can test the equipment before taking it to the field.