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don’t let the cold stop you’re flying this winter season! this epp crack yak lite indoor/outdoor models designed for the serious pilots wanting to get away from fragility occasional mishaps associated with depron models. all new hardware is included: complete carbon fiber wing spar/push rod, micro control surfaces adjustable links, laser wood control horns, indoor carbon fiber landing gear assembly, light weight wheels along with light weight wheel pants – these kits are ready to be assembled right out of the box!

this mini image viewer combines the simplicity, speed and accessibility of a standard viewer with an efficient thumbnail and picture-in-picture (pip) view which, depending on the main window size, can be attached to any window or on the desktop.
features include:
* full screen preview mode
* zoom and pan capabilities
* easy interface for thumbnails and pictures in picture view
* works on any windows 95, 98, nt 4.0 or later, mac os x, or linux system.
see a few screen shots of the included photo galleries on the photo gallery pages below
pictwiddle lite photo gallery pages:
* jupiter clouds
* yosemite
* cezanne
* fortuna
for more information, visit pictwiddles website at:

the transillumination test for cracked teeth has a number of drawbacks. it does not need to be expensive and does not need specialist equipment. it can however be tricky to conduct for different types of cracked tooth. the first problem with the test is that it is not 100% reliable. the second problem is that it is not sensitive enough to detect the first stages of a crack. the final drawback is that it is not able to diagnose all types of cracked tooth. if your tooth is opaque or dark in colour then the transillumination test will not be able to detect it. you may still have a cracked tooth, but there will be no indication of a crack. a cracked tooth with no crack will be hard to detect with the transillumination test.

one of the easiest ways to clean out the keyboard is to use a q-tip. with one drop, i have noticed that the keyboard will be much easier to get dirty. i have also noticed that one way to speed up clean up is to use a little bit more water, but this gets a little messy and potentially causes a permanent damage to the keyboard.
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ocun gloves have once again created a winner for us in the crack gloves series. an all rounder in the palm, the gloves are a comfortable fit for hours on end and provides much needed protection from your hand’s natural oils during dry weather. the gloves are available in a wide range of materials from the original 3m adhesive, the new eva, to the increased microfibre.
once more ocun have delivered a product that combines style, build quality and performance for an affordable price. the all-round perfect glove combination is particularly handy in all conditions as it can be used on short, medium, or long routes, and whilst climbing indoors or on the ice. it feels solid in the hand and does an excellent job of keeping your hands from perspiring during your session.