Trinity Grade 1 Piano Book Free Download |TOP|

Trinity Grade 1 Piano Book Free Download |TOP|


Trinity Grade 1 Piano Book Free Download

The full Trinity Piano series covers the syllabus for grades 1 to 8. The grade 1 books are the same editions as the grade 2 and 3 series, although the content differs. Gradings for our new Rock & Pop books and all other Trinity examinations are reviewed annually to keep them in line with the syllabus for the next couple of years. We aim to produce new books for the Trinity exams every year, but this is at our own discretion and may not occur.

You can study your degree course at your own pace in your own time, or take the full Trinity Bachelor degree as a stand-alone course and receive a Postgraduate Certificate. When you start the course we’ll provide you with all the textbooks and full course notes, as well as the appropriate documents to enable you to take Trinity exams. So you can complete your degree with us and then go off and have a life.

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In addition to the game online, we’re also offering the game offline – available for iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) devices. The game can be downloaded for free from the AppStore or GooglePlay. No in-game purchases are available! The app features both Free and Pro versions which can be upgraded to a range of add-ons by “purchasing” single in-app currency coins.

Tones and octaves appear in the test. They include intervals such as minor second, major second, diminished fifth, and augmented fourth. Tones are represented in C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G and G#. The book has a full tone ladder at the end, and it’s available to download free from the website.

Finally, the RCM includes a unique technical exercise which hasnt featured in any of the other exam syllabuses. This is an Etude, required for exams from Level 1 through to 10. These are published in the relevant grade book and are pre-prepared pieces. These focus on specific technical aspects. An etude may also be substituted for another etude that features in a higher grade or with a Teachers Choice or Popular Selection List piece.
There has been a significant change to the performance section of the graded piano exam – a major revision to the Rock & Pop grade has been announced, so candidates will need to prepare for different grades from 2019 onwards. Four new test series have been introduced. The examination tests performance skills only – the study of music notation and technical work skills will be tested by the other pieces.
There have also been changes to the technical work requirements, the introduction of two new keyboard and keyboard accompaniment exams: Electronic keyboard : The technical work test has been modified slightly from 2012 onwards. The syllabus for keyboard exams increased in 2016 and keyboard accompaniments have been introduced. Candidates will only need to demonstrate standard chord recognition and accompaniment techniques in Grade 1. They will also need to demonstrate basic keyboard skills in Grade 4. Practising keyboard exams in a graded situation is extremely useful because these skills are tested and it demonstrates knowledge, understanding and reasoning with playing skills. Electronic keyboard accompaniment : A new test has been added to complement the existing orchestral strings test. Candidates will only need to demonstrate the repertoire included in a Grade 4 orchestral strings exam. Piano : The graded piano exam has been enhanced by the addition of a new technical work test. This will test knowledge and understanding of using keyboard chords, playing dynamics and understanding of the chord quality framework. Advanced performances : Arpeggio exercises have been incorporated into the performance test. Candidates will only need to demonstrate aural awareness for the new technical work.