The Three Stooges Dual Audio 720p Or 1080i

The Three Stooges Dual Audio 720p Or 1080i

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The Three Stooges Dual Audio 720p Or 1080i

it’s a testament to the stooges comedy that in their later years they were able to get away with so much gutter humor, and the chemistry and timing on screen is really something else. as groucho marx said about them, “they have made their bones by doing more physical comedy than anybody else.”

one of their earliest shorts, “cops,” was a major hit for columbia and soon they were hired to star in their own syndicated series, “the three stooges, it’s unlucky you didn’t see it!,” which ran on local stations from 1947 to 1951. in a short while, they had an enormously loyal fan base and even though their movies weren’t particularly good, there was always something about their brand of slapstick that would stick with audiences long after they had left the theaters.

in the summer of 1953, columbia films released “the three stooges in orbit” in theaters. despite the title, the plot was actually based on a real event that happened in the skies over greenland, but while “orbit” is a technical term, it never seemed to stick.

the third film to be released, “the three stooges meet hercules,” was a major hit, but it was the fourth film that gave them their first big break. released in 1957, “dumbbells” was a huge hit for columbia and then a major production at mgm for its $1.4 million budget. the film was co-written by bobby farrelly and mike cerrone and also starred christopher diamantopoulos and mark hamill, and it was also the first film for sean hayes to play larry. the film was nominated for an oscar for best original screenplay and a golden globe for best comedy.

the film was nominated for seven academy awards, including best picture, but lost every single one of them. the producers of the film were so upset that they refused to screen the film for the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. in spite of the massive loss, ‘three little pigskins’ proved to be a huge success and the brothers became an enduring hollywood institution. as much as i would love to see this film again and again, i’ll content myself with hearing all the laughs from the kids in the crowd and reliving the glory days of the three stooges.
recently, the farrelly brothers attempted to do a modern rendition of the classic comedy comedy team the three stooges in the movie “the three stooges”. this comedy is not really a remake, it is a re-imagining, a re-working of the classic comedy, “the three stooges”. this movie is actually a really funny movie. the movie is about three brother are actually competing for the same woman and it is all about the way they act and the way they compete with each other. they even do a great job in some scenes with slapstick.
the dts-hd master audio 5.1 surround track is a bit more polished and involving than the mono lpcm option, but it still seems to be missing some bass and surround activity during a couple of sequences. dialogue is smoothly-recorded and easily heard, with pleasant natural dialog and effects, but not up to the standards of the previous blu-ray releases.
‘the three stooges’ (blu-ray) is presented in an anamorphically enhanced 1080p/avc mpeg-4 encode (1.85:1). the transfer looks crisp and clear with very few soft spots. fine details are quite sharp and clearly-defined with excellent clarity in the costume designs, the film’s bright and engaging colors, and well-defined facial expressions. a few sequences could stand to be a bit more subtly animated, but there’s no discernible loss of integrity or impact. blacks are excellent, with strong and realistic contrast levels, and even some shadow detail.