The Sicilian Labyrinth, Vol. 1

The Sicilian Labyrinth, Vol. 1


The Sicilian Labyrinth, Vol. 1

this is the first volume in a project whose objective is to provide a comprehensive history of the sicilian labyrinth of power from the period in the 12th century after the norman conquest of southern italy to the end of the 16th century. it is based on a historical novel with the same title, first published in italian in 1976.

giuseppe sacerdoti, born in palermo in 1924, is a professor of modern sicilian history at the university of palermo. he is the author of numerous works on a variety of themes, including the culture of the normans, modern sicilian and italian history, and the history of the city of palermo. he was previously the chairman of the italian history commission of unesco.

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the king of spain decided to raise a catholic army and to send it to italy. the king of spain had two sons, one of whom was his only surviving son. his other son was married to the queen of naples. charles iii had several reasons to send his son to the kingdom of naples. first of all, the king of naples had no children. the king of naples had two daughters. the king of naples wanted to adopt the daughter who was married to the king of spain. the other daughter was the only legitimate daughter of the king of naples and was the wife of the king of sardinia. the king of spain wanted to be sure that the kingdom of naples would get his son. the king of naples, philip v, had two reasons to send his son to naples.
the first reason was that he wanted to win the throne of naples, which he believed was his. the second reason was that he wanted to bring the kingdom of naples under the power of the crown of spain. this was because charles iii believed that the kingdom of naples would be a good ally against the holy roman empire. the king of naples was only interested in getting back his throne.
the sicilian labyrinth starts at the start. we need to look for the twelve fundamental questions posed by the sphinx in oedipus the king, a myth of which only one of the five fragments remains. there are five fragments, because of the sieve that the king has to make. the book starts with the first fragment and proceeds by moving down to the fragments of the second sieve, then the third, etc.
in sicilian labyrinth, i make a point of using a reader’s voice. the reader is in a very personal relationship with the book, and i want the reader to experience the book as if he were the writer. i want the reader to approach the book with curiosity and attention. the reader should experience the book as an adventure.