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Rule 34 Lolita Channel 📦

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Rule 34 Lolita Channel

i thought it would be fun to get a list of notable lolita performers, so here are a few:mana of malice mizer (under the name haru),
melody of crossbone,
otome of otome of otome,
tomoyo of tomoyo of tomoyo,
yurika of yurika of yurika,
youka of youka of youka,
yuki of yuki of yuki,
andnatsuki of natsuki of natsuki.

natsuki of natsuki of natsuki, a japanese girl who wears a gothic lolita costume, has been involved in many different projects. her fanzines include the heart of lolitas and otome. she is also the model for the cover of the lolita of the last century by composer kotaro sato and illustrator satoru kouda.

the “anime” style is a loose, comfortable style that covers the knees and ankles with a full-length skirt or dress. it is sometimes associated with a type of period-specific, very low-heeled shoe, with a very strong heel that is not pointed. it is also associated with a pastel, girlish, and often colorful clothing, which is often splashed with flashy colors. it is also the style most associated with the disney character pocahontas. it is the style that has been most widely adopted by lolita fashion. anime lolita fashion can be dressed up or down depending on the wearer’s preference.

finding lolita reprints, original art, and covers is a difficult process. its very likely that your favorite cover isnt here. if you find a particularly unusual cover, please feel free to send it to me. you can reach me at

6. if you’re here because you’re a lolita or a deviant, it’s not at all unusual for us to get tons of mail. we take the time to answer all our correspondence, so don’t be offended if we don’t answer your email immediately. we also have a mailing list and a forum for more detailed discussion.

lolita is also known for her love of people, especially children. she loves to play and interact with them. lolita doesn’t have a lot of teeth. the seaquarium’s education department estimates that only about half of lolita’s teeth are usable. lolita’s also prone to ear infections, and she may be deaf in one of her ears.
lolita’s been around long enough that she can no longer be considered a baby. as seaquarium officials have said, she’s an “elderly” whale, and she’s developed a lot of health problems over the years. at least one of her eyes is blind. she may have alzheimer’s disease.
lolita’s detractors say the whale’s teeth are cracked. and the report found violations in the care and feeding of lolita. the old-fashioned feedings that the seaquarium used can expose animals to harmful pathogens. the report says lolita has been taught to consume rotten fish to make her stronger. it also says the seaquarium has no plan to replace lolita.
lolita’s trainer, tom duchane, was fired from his position in 2015. but he still lives at the seaquarium. he says he’s proud to be a part of the history of the seaquarium, which was founded in 1959. in his mind, lolita is still a performing artist. he says he’s convinced she performs well despite her age. he says all of the positive things the seaquarium did to lolita can’t be erased, and they can’t be blamed.
the miami herald reports lolita’s current trainer, olivia morrell, says lolita is fine. “she’s just 40,” morrell says. “she’s not a young, lively 40. but she’s certainly not 40 and sick.” morrell says lolita has had surgery to fix her jaw. she also says she has a better diet and more exercise than at other parks. morrell says the problems the federal inspectors found were isolated.