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Well, the more I see of the groups and communities on the Internet, the more I get the impression that Ive witnessed the living and dying of a small-scale civil war, a conflict with almost no conventional actors other than political institutions and parties. Its amusing to see how easy it is for a certain minority of participants to justify being an asshole to everyone else. But I really wish that people would try to really understand the world rather than just saying that everybody in every conceivable group is actually eternally split on every moral and political issue. There are very many communities on the Internet and the number of allegiances is endlessly fascinating. In fact, even the most ideologically monolithic groups of the time are increasingly caught in the spirit of compromise, with special interest groups and empowered minorities insisting on demands of their own. I dont think any of these things are going to vanish as a result. I think if we look at them we will find that they actually work beautifully.

the number of people who actually believe in the existence of “transgenderism” is small. indeed, most “transgender” people are just taking hormones and undergoing cosmetic surgery to look like the opposite sex, which is clearly not a physical change of gender. there is even a pseudoscientific medical theory that claims to be able to change one’s gender. this concept is so ridiculous that its almost amazing that anyone believes it, but there are apparently a few hundred people out there who do. there are also a few hundred more who accept it as a fad, but are “transgender” nonetheless. the number of people who actually believe that “transgender” is a sex is even smaller, and they are all men. among the men who accept “transgender” as a sex, the number of those who are actually transgender is roughly the same as the number of women who accept “transgender” as a sex. in other words, fewer than 1,000 people believe that “transgender” is a sex. as far as i can tell, none of the “transgender” people are bisexuals.

the way you explain the graphs on the point of severity and recovery is that the relative fraction of deaths is not the same as the relative fraction of illnesses. but that is not correct. the average number of deaths per year in countries with a certain % of the population is not the average number of illnesses, but rather the difference between the average number of deaths and the average number of illnesses.
if we take the worst estimate of 13%, that would mean the number of illnesses would be about 1.3 times 10^9. multiplying by 1.5 (to make the plot easier to follow), that gives us 1.3 times 10^11. is this a number we can believe? or would this mean 3.3 times the number of the currently known illnesses?
so, first off, just as a check on your understanding of what the plot was supposed to show, the 10.5 is the rate of recovery from recovering an initial amount of 20% of the population, which was then reduced by a further 7.5% each year. while this is definitely the right interpretation, the next line is baffling to me. it seems like it is making a statement that the number of distinct illnesses would be about 1000 times as large, and yet the plot only shows the number of distinct illnesses to be 3 times as large as the number of distinct illnesses in the beginning of the rise.
the benefits are a number of things. one is an increase in the amount of money available for research in renewable energy, just like the presence of us government funding for research in fossil fuels has driven innovation and produced smaller than expected increases in cost-per-kwh. another is that they are eliminating a source of emissions by switching away from fossil fuels.