Navteq Connect Nit G1 Europe 2010 2011 Alfa 🆕

Navteq Connect Nit G1 Europe 2010 2011 Alfa 🆕


Navteq Connect Nit G1 Europe 2010 2011 Alfa

Alphaton is one of two new service modules from DAT, the other being CONNECT. The two systems work in conjunction with each other and perform all the usual functions of a mobile phone, but Alphaton is more comprehensive and offers additional services, like warning of accident risk or satnav for city streets. CONNECT is more restricted, but only as much as you want it to be. It does not need a SIM-card holder (so it will work in most European countries without any extra charges), it can be pre-programmed with the drivers phone number and the ability to make a call to the driver or a passenger. The driver can also enter a destination on the address book, thus letting the navigation programme plan the route.

New CONNECT functions

It is also possible to make a phone call at set times and intervals, using the Mobile Timer function. This can be done either from the ABS or from the driver seat – so far the two times you can set the timer for are when you are at a set point on the road, either reversing or parking.

Connect for the user

The CONNECT system is controlled by the menu with the symbols, contact information, GSM networks and more. CONNECT is activated automatically when the vehicle is started, but if it is turned off, the system automatically switches off and the following message flashes on the screen: ‘CONNECT OFF’. CONNECT may also be switched on and off via the CONNECT button. The system automatically switches on again when the car is started.
This function is included in the optional ‘Connect Service Package’ which contains the equipment and services necessary for the installation of CONNECT and therefore ensures a convenient service.

Organise the car with CONNECT

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Each of the different functions used with the CONNECT system can be run in different ways depending on the option chosen. The programme that tells the real-time traffic status and other traffic information is an exception and can always be used in the same way as the previous generation, thanks to a special version of the navigation system the same as those already on the market. This allows either a view from the car’s centre screen or from a split image. It has the same functions (the functions are the same for example) but it is quicker, less complicated and simpler to use than the previous generation. Navigation is the major advantage of this new computer, because it allows automatic route selection by the driver, without his having to select the destination by hand, or having to choose between several possible destinations. With the CONNECT system, the route is chosen in accordance with the available roads. It becomes possible to leave a pre-programmed route to be used as a default if the driver decides to use the system. So as to avoid the driver’s constantly having to select a destination, CONNECT acts as a navigation assistant that can be operated in three different ways according to different needs. The first mode uses road-based information, the second uses the device’s built-in system, and the third uses the service provider’s navigation system. The different functions are established when the car is initially used and are saved so that they can be used every time you want to access them. Each module is stored separately, and it can therefore be deactivated as and when required.