Kylie Freeman Aka Vicky [TOP]

Kylie Freeman Aka Vicky [TOP]


Kylie Freeman Aka Vicky

This week the Liberal government formally began the process of removing his name, but it’s not clear what may happen to Kylie, who is now a senior at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School, the girls’ school of her choice, and who is enrolled in a course to begin studying law.

In an interview with The Spokesman-Review shortly after his arrest at Spokane International Airport, Kenneth Freeman said he was relieved to avoid a long prison sentence and was seeking help with his difficulties, which include substance abuse.

Since her appearance on the FBIs Most Wanted list, Kylie Freeman has had her life turned upside down. She and her ex-husband, Austin Freeman, were married in 2005. She filed for divorce last year. Her father, Kenny Freeman, is currently in prison in Texas awaiting trial for the capital murder of her mother, Cheryl.

Freeman was arrested at the airport a day before his daughter was to appear on the most-wanted list and face questioning about her relationship with Austin Freeman. He is charged with traveling to Spokane to meet with her and of failing to report his overseas travel.


Judge Brinkema needs to decide if he should give Freeman a sentence that keeps him behind bars for the rest of his life or a shorter term followed by supervision that would allow him to move back in with his wife and family. The judge could impose a maximum of 20 years in prison and also order the forfeiture of any profits made from their book and movie rights.

freeman wasn’t the only person to run afoul of the law for producing child pornography. jennifer dulos, of new canaan, married well-known hedge-fund manager fotis dulos. dulos was allegedly paying $110,000 a month for jennifer to stay out of trouble and away from the police, including paying for private investigators to look into her background.
freeman also was the owner of the philadelphia flyers, the national hockey league team that jennifer had worked for as a part-time accountant. he was also hired by the new york yankees to work as the video scorer.
freeman’s personal lawyer has said that investigators confiscated computers and files, some of which he contends were legally obtained, and began to interview him on june 26, claiming he was in the united states illegally.
prosecutors said freeman forced his daughter to have sex with him to punish her, but he testified that the encounters were consensual. he also told the court he threatened the girl with a knife when she refused. three other women have publicly come forward to accuse freeman of abuse. brittany bort, now 17, said she was first raped when she was about 8 years old. she told prosecutors freeman then started a sex game he called “beast mode,” in which he would rape women he chose. she said she was raped several more times and forced to take pictures of herself. another woman accused him of raping her in her grandmother’s car at a motel on at least four occasions starting in 1999 when she was 11 years old. more:
kennewick police det. lt. robert phu says there is no evidence anyone else besides freeman was involved in the girl’s abuse, but detectives are looking into other victims. phu says the case was aggressively investigated by detectives from two investigative bureaus, the benton-spokane regional child abuse center, the department of children and family services, sheriff’s deputies and a group of community volunteers.