Ih8sn0w Ireb V3 1.2 For Windows _BEST_

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Ih8sn0w Ireb V3 1.2 For Windows

the first thing to do is to iphoneheat, you must have enable the alternative patcher of iphoneheat at the bottom of download tab. it may takes some time. after that your iphone is ready. your iphone is not jailbreaked by iphoneheat. you have to use sn0wbreeze to create jailbreaked ipsw. after that you can flash using redsn0w( that’s what iphoneheat do in windows)

1. put all the ipa file in the folder with iphoneheat(the folder name can be something like ih8sn0w ireb v3.1.2 for windows)
2. put your username and password in the firefox address bar(if you use firefox). to connect to the ftp server you must put ftp://yourusername:yourpassword@youruserftpserver/yourfoldername. then you will see the desktop of your ftp server
3. now you can download the file one by one by highlight it and press right click on the file then click on download. this way it can take long time and you need to do it one by one(it works perfectly)

i have to select the “create ipsw for iphone using downloaded ipsw” option to create custom recovery. if i choose “create ipsw for iphone using custom ipsw” option, then the iphone rebooted and i cannot do anything.

i’m using windows 8 pro. the used iphone is ios 5.0.1 and ireb ver is 1.2. i jailbroken it before i update the device to 6.1. after the ota update, i get the message that “no notification is present” when i try to use ireb. so i tried to use ireb. i follow the ireb instruction to restore the device to the previous firmware. what do you know, it worked! i successfully reverted back the ios to 5.1 again!!! that’s so awesome! i love ireb!!!

i have been trying to flash a ring tone on my iphone 4 (iphone os 4.3.1) the phone has a crack line down the middle of the screen, i have done the unlock and the dfu change and it just says the flash error. can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong. after all it is an apple product, how hard can it be
i am trying to restore on my iphone 3gs and get the error 21 and then when i try to reset or restore through dfu mode, i get error 4 (drv_error_io) and a series of other error codes. (i have thought that it has to do with my router/modem as some people have had the same issue. the error codes are below..please help)
i have a 4s with ios5.1. i am trying to install an app from apk. and it asks me to flash the app. it then says cannot find the device. i have tried with ios 4.3.2 and it says the devices are not supported. any idea on how to install an apk from your iphone if the iphone won’t co-operate?
i have a recently jailbroken 4s ios 5.1.1 and i want to downgrade to ios 5.0. i’ve been trying to use iphone jailbreak for windows. i changed the pkgdir and the package.xml to the 5.1 that i downloaded. when i try to run it i get the following error:
i just jailbroken my iphone 4 with redsnow, and it then took me to irb and ireb. i redownload ios 5.0.1 and ireb worked. so ireb works, but i dont have any itunes? my phone is still stuck at the verifying jailbreak screen, i don’t get the apple logo screen, i just go straight to verifying jailbreak
this is my first time jailbreaking. i downloaded ireb, unzipped it, and double click on it, it went straight to the verifier jailbreak screen. i don’t have an itunes i don’t have xcode 3 i just have native ios 5.0.1 i am using a mac but i’m using the iphone 4s, and i haven’t jailbroken anything so far just ireb. i tried opening up ireb but it did nothing i can’t get to the apple logo screen. i restarted the phone as a last resort