[FSX] Paulo Ricardo FSX – Mega Sao Paulo Game ##BEST## ⏩

[FSX] Paulo Ricardo FSX – Mega Sao Paulo Game ##BEST## ⏩

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[FSX] Paulo Ricardo FSX – Mega Sao Paulo Game

Overall, the product is a great example of some imagination and hard work. With the odd exception, it is a very attractive product for FSX. If you are looking for an area that will impress with its detail when it comes to scenery, I will recommend this product. However, if you are looking for a city that is more about the flight than the surroundings, you may find the lack of detail limits this product. As always, the verdict is left to you. Personally, I think that for around half the price of the So Paulo scenery from Laminar Research, you can get a product that is better. I also recommend checking out their South East Asia product that is very good value for money.

Sao Paulo is a HUGE city and no matter how hard you try to fit in a very realistic airport in the city, the airport on the ground will be impossible. So my advice is that if you want to fly across the city and you arent looking to get lost, then I suggest you fly into the waterfront areas where the buildings are shorter and the rooftop and surrounding area will give a more realistic simulation when seen from the air.

Overall, however, the scenery was excellent and the customer service was great. Considering that this was his first release, Paulo has done a fantastic job and the product is easy to use. The scenery has a low weight and the textures are highly detailed. In addition, you can make changes to the scenery at your leisure to suit your needs so, for me, this product is worth the £25.00 plus postage.

A HDR file can be downloaded as well as an.SMD file if you want to use the Northrend Skies scenery. HDR files are only required if you intend to use the Northrend Skies scenery, but are not required for most users of Mega Sao Paulo South america.

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