DT-1 V-Drums Tutor Software


DT-1 V-Drums Tutor Software

one of the issues that i’m having is that the dt1 software is having trouble playing back the notes and pads that are triggered by musescore, i.e. musescore does not trigger dt1. i have found the following settings to be helpful in getting musescore and dt1 to talk to each other:

below is an example of a sound that it imports. as you can see, the length is 1/64. i assume that since this is a drum set, the length is the number of beats in the drum roll, but i’m not positive. also, i can’t get this sound to change note length to 1/8 either. i have tried changing the setting in the bottom menu, but this doesn’t seem to do anything. i have also tried changing the midi setting, but that doesn’t seem to do anything either. i’m not sure if this is a bug in the software, or if i’m just doing something wrong.

on the computer i use to practice with, when i import a drum groove, it works great. when i try to use the same vdrums on my computer at home, the tempo is all out of whack. it will play in one tempo, and then switch to another tempo when i hit play. i don’t understand how to get the dt1 to play in the same tempo as my computer, but it seems that the tempo of the midi file should not matter when the drum software is using the midi file. i’m using dt-1 version, and i have set the settings for midi 1 and midi 2 to be midi 1, and the setting for midi to be midi 2. this is set in the midi menu of the dt-1 software.

the v-drums are a great piece of kit that provide a natural playing experience. to help further enhance your playing experience, weve teamed up with dt-1 to create a range of dt1 v-drums tutor software. this software comprises a set of lesson programs which are designed to teach basic drumming techniques and styles, as well as notation and how to use the v-drums built in midi interface.

have you ever had one of those days where you just didn’t get much done? the v-drums tutor dt-1 software comes in a friendly user interface that puts you in control. in one screen, youll be able to quickly download your song while choosing between the standard and practice modes. you can set the tempo and time signature in each song, and can save your own song template. your favorite songs will be available to play instantly when you connect the v-drums to your computer.
with the v-drums tutor dt-1 software, youll be able to take your rhythm to the next level by teaching the beginner fundamentals of drumming. in the lesson screens, you can select from a library of 25 pre-set rhythmic patterns, or you can choose a custom pattern when you need a tempo with a tempo and accent pattern. each song has metronome, time signature, and pedal indicator, and the practice mode provides tempo, metronome, beat visualization, and a metronome guide. you can go from basic jazz to rock, or learn to play any of the selections with different hand positions, arms, and grips.
the dt-1 software provides a great introduction to drumming. you can set the drum pad to strike one, two, or three times to vary the sounds, which makes drumming a fun learning tool. the software also lets you adjust the kit sounds, and even lets you see the drum and cymbal combinations. if youre having trouble with drumming, the dt-1 software includes a guided drumming lesson in its pre-set library. and if you want to be able to play the dt-1 as a drum machine, you can also choose to play the drums from the computer.