Desi Pundits Animation Full Movie 42 __TOP__

Desi Pundits Animation Full Movie 42 __TOP__



Desi Pundits Animation Full Movie 42

for example, while settlers desire a colonized land for their own benefit, kashmiris have viewed colonization as exploitative and derogatory. while they might have signed onto a claim of independent control and sovereignty, they have been historically concerned with the relationship of colonizer and colonized. 99. meera nanda, settler colonialism, supra note 6, at 14–15.

the relationship between colonizers and colonized is dynamic. colonizers and colonized have continuously negotiated, renegotiated, and reinterpreted their relationship, with some colonized individuals seeking independence and others desiring loyalty to the colonizer’s interests. 1010. id. for kashmiris, the past twenty years have seen the colonizer begin to portray kashmir as a site of war and conflict, 1111. see for instance, ashish khetan, kashmir: a war zone, cnn special, (aug. 28, 2014), .

this part details the nature of the autonomy promised to kashmiris in the aftermath of the partition of british india. it shows that kashmirs autonomy was hollowed by no small coincidence a growing settler desire for kashmir and its sacralized land facilitated the modern settler colonial project in the region.

on her part, its evident that khan interprets the revocation of article 35a as the first step in annexing kashmir, a fear which is revealed in the title of her article, “in revoking article 35a, government has launched annexation campaign”. this rhetoric is far from new. the first prime minister of post-independence india, pandit jawaharlal nehru, warned of immediate annexation of goa and portuguese junagadh in an interview with the united states information service (usis) in 1946:
the case of goa is a very old one. the portuguese justified their occupation of goa on the grounds that the natives had committed heinous crimes. but the [portuguese] occupation has become necessary. any attempt to [reconcile with goa] at this juncture is bound to be futile and of no avail. under these circumstances what will be the future of goa?…the goans are undoubtedly hindus. but it is impossible to govern without a majority. if more than half the population are of one religion and the majority religion rules in the local administration, what can be expected from such a situation except the final consolidation of power in the hands of the minority community? the goan people in the main are hindus and they want the administration to be in the hands of the hindus. why? because to them, the majority rule is essentially a hindu rule. the hindus are like the spartans. if the majority of the inhabitants of a country are of one religion, the country must be governed according to the religion of that majority. the minority should have no say in these matters. that is the reason why the goans want the majority to be in the hands of the hindus. if there is a contest between the hindus and the muslims, the majority of the hindus will naturally lose. if the hindus are the majority, the goans are bound to lose. to me, this is not a subject for debate. it is a fact and the facts cannot be changed. you must agree to this. if the goans have to continue to live in this country, they must be made to realize that they must become hindus or leave this country.