Boys Before Flowers Korean Drama Torrents !LINK! ♛

Boys Before Flowers Korean Drama Torrents !LINK! ♛


Boys Before Flowers Korean Drama Torrents

why is that? not only are they generally paid a handsome sum for the production of their dramas, but they often take years of planning, writing, discussion, tweaking, and adjustments in order to get the drama done right.

compared to their friends, the agencies, and everyone else, the writers, directors, producers are at the top of the food chain. they get the most screen time, they get the best contracts, and they often get paid anywhere from inr 100,000/- (somewhere in between $15,000 and $20,000) to hundreds of thousands (and thats for writers with a few more kudos) to millions for a job well done. hence, theyre often better off.

the boys before flowers ost (original soundtrack) is a good indication of this. not only is it pricey, but one of the songs, titled my brother (i want to be your brother), is a heartrending, depressing, and almost feels like a suicide song. yet, it wasnt the only one. these songs are amazing at the places where theyre supposed to be happy or appealing, but instead what you get is a bit of a shock.

for the most part, the original soundtrack is a good example of what i mean. that being said, the foreign version doesn’t do boys before flowers any justice. bof doesnt really need it. the foreign version has lots of osts (original soundtracks) and songs, but each one of them isn’t as good as the original osts.

the result is something that isn’t bad in the first place, but the sheer number of them doesnt help. some are good, some aren’t. some suck, others are okay. so, if youre a fan of the osts that come along with the first few episodes of bof, then you won’t mind, but if youre a completionist, then you will be disappointed.

this is really funny, because my brother and i have compared boys over flowers (the original) to this show. its just like you said, the guy likes the guy and the girl is the girl. so far its quite good and better than i thought.. i dont get the hate for the korean version though. i thought it had a very good storyline and interesting characters. i’m hating on this bof drama more than i should though. i’ll try and restrain myself to avoid fangirling.
there wasn’t much to catch my interest in the korean version of bof because i was never a fan of the original. bof is one of those ‘hate the new one’ type of dramas. i can see why people don’t like the remake as it’s a tough genre to write for. boyfriend dramas tend to have an emotional core to them which is why there’s a disconnect between stories and casting. the k-drama remake could’ve been better if they were able to cast the right characters, regardless of gender. but when casting there are limits to what you can do when each character’s story revolves around a certain type of person. the remake had some surprises but there were also a lot of characters that i didn’t like. however, the conflict between yoo ho-jung and jung ryeo-won was enough to keep me watching. i hope the series does well but it won’t be in my top 10.
ok i’ve watched on of the light one’s and not really caught my interest.. but the show has come up with some fine-tuned and unique ideas and executed them quite well. i’m sad that it is on a different channel than the english one’s. (why is it only on korea tv, with the english version on nbc.) plus all their korean dramas are good, but their remakes of winter sonata are some of the best dramas i’ve ever seen. good show everyone!