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making a beat with the tempo jam is effortless. with the latest version of studio one 5, youre free to layer drum patterns as many times as needed without the hassle of using a sequencer. the drum machine and drum sampler track are two great favorites for sampling and layering.

no matter how many students youre teaching, labradocs software is the smart way to keep your labs fresh and new. with labradocs, you can record and track student actions, and make progressions. you can even use it to create instructional aids. your course content becomes easy to create and maintain and your students become engaged.

part of the release process of automation studio 5 included adding a new partner to this product. we are very excited to announce that a new software partner has taken a walk on the automation studio forsyes is an industry-leading automation software solution that increases efficiency and efficiency of the lab. in the new version of this suite, they enable simulation testing for both electrical and hydraulic components. they are a great addition to our suite and its great to see them become a part of this suite

kodi is a free, open source (gpl) software media player. it was created and is developed by the xbmc foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. kodi is available for multiple operating systems, including windows, linux, android, os x, freebsd, gnu/linux distributions and playstation.

infosphere cam is an industry-leading, comprehensive aerospace analysis application by hexagon geospatial. the product enables companies to design, analyze, and plan for aircraft as well as in-service operations in the integrated enterprise.

studio one is a complete daw that links files, stems, and mixes. it even allows you to jump directly into your songs so you can always edit exactly where you want. use your favorite third-party plug-ins to provide the final eq, dynamics, and imaging control you need to create a professional sound. new in studio one 5.
software audio has announced the next release of the automation studio control software package, version 5.2. this new release uses the latest version of the newly released presonus sphere gold edition engine, version 5.1. features include expanded portfolio of product model type sensors, enhanced midi functionality, and greater support for new devices. users can also build and simulate control layouts using the new scheme editor. improved support for midi learn capability provides automatic control of midi commands that match the automation studio layout scheme.
the automation studio gold edition (ase) includes all of the features of the software audio premium series, including the new presonus sphere 5.1 engine, and a portfolio of electronic factory sensors from industry-leading manufacturers. ase also includes an expanded suite of standard cables. native support for analog and digital audio and control signals, as well as midi, cb-20 midi, and midi over ip functions are all included in the gold edition software. new in 5.1 is 3-d geometry for control scheme designs and the new ability to use the scheme editor to drag and drop controls directly into your design. and 5.2 adds usb midi, network midi, usb midi over ip, and usb over ip as well as the ability to monitor and view control systems on a wireless mobile device.