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After 30 Years Bollywood Release Trailer of this movie, Co-Director/co-writer Siddhartha Anand (India) is set to make a triumphant entry in his career as an actor with the upcoming Bollywood film, “Awkward” produced by Vinod Chopra. See -TOOL Music – Bollywood Film Actress – HrithikRoshan Is The Lead In Awkward.
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Agent Vinod, and out of that passion comes the desire for vengeance and the will to avenge one’s blood. Agent Vinod is a film about a vengeful spirit. It revolves around a group of people who have to deal with each other and the spirit.
For many, Agent Vinod is easily the most pretentious movie of 2014. We’re almost eternally disappointed when we go to the movies, and nothing we see shocks and defies expectation as much as “Agent Vinod.” We told you it’s pretentious.
Agent Vinod is the story of Anand (Siddhartha Anand), a successful but complicated person who is involved in several dramas.. #Agent Vinod #SiddharthaAnand #SiddharthaAnand1 #SiddharthaAnand2 #Khiladi #MadhuriDixit #KatrinaKaif #HrithikRoshan #FullMovies
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