Absolute Database 7.90 D7-D10.2 Full Source ^NEW^

Absolute Database 7.90 D7-D10.2 Full Source ^NEW^


Absolute Database 7.90 D7-D10.2 Full Source

D7-D10.2 full source . The binary measurement database used for this work contains 18 properties of the nine structural units. The values of quantitative properties are derived by the same method as used for the derived measurement database.

In Additional file 1: Table S1, lnFe of Al from four data sources [ 7, 8, 9, 10 ] for Al binary melts at fixed temperature are shown. In general, relative errors of experimental data from data sources in Ref. 11 for lnFe are within 5%.

After the year 1900, the temperatures of the experimental data sources of raw materials (i.e., Al and Fe raw materials) were reduced to the same scale of the full-source data. The maximum of the experimental data sources for each temperature is taken as raw material content of the solid phase (i.e., the same as the representative data sources). The minimum data source of raw material content of the solid phase is taken as zero.

The database provides the composition of the rocks as given in Table 2. Since the database is of a low accuracy, these composition data are normalized to a zero sum. Also, the compositions of the rocks are normalized to the rocks’ compositions.

For the sake of resource conservation we have downloaded only the full source files of the data file of the D7-D10.2 database in 7.90 and have not actually done the entire analysis of all the information. Each of the eight data files (D7-D10.2) contains approximately 120k lines of data. We made the D7-D10.2 source data available at https://dx.doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.3208925
The file has two parts. The second part (D7-D10.2-Doc) is a documentation in TXT format that is in the same directory as the database file. The documentation can be read by the program DocIt, available at https://www.docit.ca/doku.php/dokit .
The first part of the file is the description of the database in the data file. The description starts with an introduction section, followed by tables that describe the full information available in the database. The last section (section 7) of the file gives two examples of how the information can be used. We used an earlier version of the database to write the description, and we then revised it to include the examples.
Full source code in the 7.9 is available as a research version of ABSOLUTE database 7.9. D7-D10.2 Full Source Code of the D7-D10.2 database is provided as a zip file in the site of ZYHUAN web address
The absolute database D7-D10.2 contains total of 1285 mass action expressions of 60 elements and structures, we illustrated them for some of them in http://www.amct.org/studies/absolutes/abstracts/static/absolutes/abstract/1998/Absolute-abstracts/97_98/D7-D10.2.html .